Matthew Berdyck

Threatening and Enjoying, Attitudes of Cyber Stalkers

Mysterious One:

Cyberstalking is something that is completely based on threatening. The people who work under this mission are called hackers. These people send threatening mail to their enemy. It makes the person go into another world of fear. If the person replies to the mail then he is going to be the prey of the fox’s hand. People should not afraid of such hackers they should immediately post their complaints to the police officers and should get relieved from headaches. If they try to solve things by themselves it leads to severe problems which are an anonymous one.

Matthew Berdyck

Matthew Berdych is a famous personality. He is well known for his films and music. He is an activist and an expert in the United States. He is a person who is well on environment campaigns. He is also well versed in the area of writing. He is the founder of the As he is an environmental activist, his works related to this topic are read by millions of the people around America. This makes him a unique personality. He openly utters the ideas of what he thinks about any issues to the people. This attitude makes people to learn more about him.

Master Mind: 

This man was also involved in cyberstalking. In one of his journals, he has wrongly portrayed a famous personality which is also considered to as crime. For this purpose, he was arrested and was in prison for almost twenty years. When these are the cases, when you are portrayed wrong on the Facebook page or something, the affected person can complain to the Facebook staff and can stop the video which is uploaded. Now there are many advantages to stopping these online violating actions which heavily affect the minds of the person who is under the hands of them.

According to some of the research, Matthew Berdyck is considered to be a hater on the internet. He has criminal records for so many years, in particular, from 1996 to till date. In the beginning, he hacked two states but now he has disturbed almost 46 states. He is well known by some of them as a prime candidate to become a mass gun shooter. Matt has worked under Google for some of the years and later it was dismissed. Later he worked for FB and he canceled and blocked all the pages of the people who he dislikes.

Tactics of Matt:

Many people who love Berdyck consider Google to be the top and honest company which completely avoids cyberstalking. He legally does every illegal activity. If your complaint about anything which goes wrong on Facebook, and sees someone reporting the faults, he would change the form of it into another platform. So Matt is very famous in the field of cyberstalking as he did something to improve the place of where he is. He knows all the tactics and runs his company without any black marks which are to be noted here. People should not blame internet services or social media for the misbehavior lead by someone because of their carelessness.