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Best Survival Food Companies for Long Term Food Storage

We need emergency at any time will happen and it is wise to be prepared. This will give a long-term of food storage not only for the military and doomsday preppers.  We have to be prepared to care for your family and your family in times of natural disasters or national crisis. We compare freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. Many people want to buy emergency food for their family and friends. A lot of companies here these are,

My Patriot Supply:

The Patriot Supply always focusing on helping Americans can be prepared for emergencies. They are giving 2000 calories in each meal. And their black and white packaging looks very classy looking with ready hour logo.  In this, they are providing so many offers and goodness. They are giving military discounts because they aim to provide patriot supply to the Americans when we are applying military discounts we can receive 10% discounts with the use of a verification code. They are proving a guarantee to give 2day delivery.  The ultimate one is they are providing a variety of food storage sizes these are including pouches, cases, kits, buckets, Ammo cans, etc.

People can purchase cases of meat, vegetables, creamer, sugar, etc. these products don’t have to refrigerates because everything should have a long life of twenty-five years. After opening the products it has one year of self-life. Eggs are having 10 years of self-life unopened. If we open an egg that the life will reduce to one year. Meat and protein pack kits are saving up to 30 years of a lifetime in the unopened stage. And veggies case pack are 25years in the unopened stage.


This company NuManna was started in 2011.  This company is mainly focused on producing products of high quality and free of MSG and GMOs. They are providing a variety of organic products that too they are giving the term of food storage companies. Their products include many packs are Grab-n-Gos, family packs, Defender packs, and combo packs too.  This company looks like a very simple style with white buckets and silver mylar pouches. This company has a lot of advantages are this company available in nutritional information that is easy to read nutritional information. So that many of the customers can be purchased like educated ones. They are providing Ziplock facilities and then heat-sealed packaging that will be ensuring quality products.

This company will not produce MSG or GMOs. They are providing high-quality products alone without the MSG or GMOs. NuManna company products are having 25 years of self-life. And this company will provide different varieties of Heirloom seeds. So that we can easily start our gardening plans. They are giving offers to the peoples for 60days they don’t ask money for their products so they are giving so much freedom to try their products.

buy emergency food

The major disadvantage is they are not providing free samples on their products. We cannot directly be prepared the mylar pouches so we need water to boil our meal. Sample packages are having no pictures on their website page. We have to wash twice the food and then we can boil it with the use of water. They are giving any picture on their products so it will not look like an attractive one.