dubai residence visa cost
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Now Complications in Staying in Dubai Now

If you opt for a gold card you can travel in a separate compartment where it is often quieter and the chance is greater than you can sit. The gold NOL card costs the same, but you pay double for every ride you make. With perfect dubai residence visa cost now you can find the best choices.

We chose the silver card because we like to travel between the locals and we think that this is part of traveling. Occasionally we had the option to sit on the metro, but often we had to stand a bit. We could always sit on the bus. In total, we paid $ 57 for two people for transport in Dubai. We took a taxi four times, a bus 3 times and we traveled a lot by the metro.

dubai residence visa cost

TIP: From Bur Dubai the old part of the city you can cross the water with an abra water taxi to the other side of the city. You can take a tour boat for this cost around 120 dirhams. Do not do this. Take one of the many water taxis that the locals also take. For only 1 dirham you will be taken to the other side. So simple, but one of the best things we have done in Dubai. Be careful when boarding the metro, as they have separate coupes for women in Dubai.

Excursions in Dubai

In general, we do not book many excursions during our travels and we usually go out of ourselves. In Dubai, however, we lost a reasonable amount of excursions. Excursions that we certainly would not have wanted to miss.

Burj Khalifa at the Top

For example, we booked tickets for the Burj Khalifa at the top with which we visited the 124th and 125th floors of the famous Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world. What a view! For this, we paid 260 dirhams for two people. This amounts to an amount of $ 32.50 per person. These cards

We booked online, so we didn’t have to wait in line. When booking online, you must enter the desired time. Tickets for the Burj Khalifa at the top can be booked here. You do not have to print tickets yourself. At the entrance, there are vending machines where you can enter your name and confirmation number and you will receive your tickets. Tickets for a visit to the Burj Khalifa can also be booked online at Get Your Guide.

Burj Khalifa – Fast track

You can also choose to purchase a fast-track card. With this, you do not have to queue at all and you can walk through almost immediately. However, the costs are a lot higher. You pay about 75 dollars for a ticket. We thought this was a shame. As far as we are concerned, waiting and traveling just belong together. All in all, the wait didn’t last long. After about twenty minutes we were through security, after which we could walk to the elevator. If you also want to visit the largest aquarium in Dubai, you can opt for a combination ticket to visit both the Burj Khalifa and the Underwater Zoo.

Desert safari

A few days before leaving for Dubai, I found out via Twitter that Saskia (Travel Genie) would be staying with us in Dubai at the same time. Soon we shared our plans and asked Saskia if we wanted to join a Desert Safari. Thanks to discount vouchers from Saskia we paid 300 dirhams for this. There are a large number of companies that organize desert safaris. It is therefore wise to look around well in advance.