best apple watch bands

The Perfect Apple Watch Band for Your Choice

Let’s see the differences and the buyer profile of the apple watch bands 42mm that they are likely to use, there are also the reasons why:

The Apple Watch Sport

With its aluminum case, it is the version that could be the most sold. This because of its cheaper price than other models mainly.

It can address first of all the sportsmen who look for a watch with the functions of follow-up very developed fitness (but all the models have it) while proposing a bracelet adapted to the sport and especially a greater lightness compared to the other models (25 and 30 g for the small and large Sport models in front of 40/50 steel and 55/67 g for the Gold model).

It should also be perfect for a first purchase, addressing those who want to see if the product suits them and possibly move to another model when version 2 will be available. Attention for those who are very active, it should be noted that this is the only model in the range not to offer a crystal sapphire crystal. It is certainly hardened but not as resistant, especially to scratches then the other two models.

Two colors of the case are available: classic aluminum or a sidereal gray version. Difference to note about this model compared to the watch aluminum: the packaging is different, but also the charger, white plastic: see this video

The Apple Watch

apple watch bands 42mm

Between the sport version and the luxury version, here is the model of city dwellers, those who want a watch that is good at work but can also adapt to the outputs (including adapting the bracelet with a single click). It will also seduce by the stainless steel, shiny but elegant. For those who have to move or have a potentially risky activity for the watch, the sapphire crystal glass is a strong argument when choosing. Two colors are available: brilliant or black sidereal. The weight is 40 g in a small version and 50 g in the large version.

The Apple Watch Edition

So here we go in the field of gold, the accessory as fashion as high-end. The watch features an 18-karat yellow gold case and an ultra-strong sapphire crystal glass. There is a specificity of this model: the crown displays on the side a color matching the selected bracelet. The price makes this version will be reserved for those who want to invest a large sum in a watch much less diffused than the two previous models. It will be sold with exclusive bracelets that give it a unique appearance, enhanced with gold for their metal parts.

Two colors: yellow gold and rose gold are available. The weight is 55 g (yellow gold) and 54 g (pink gold) for the small model against 69 and 67 g for the large model.

Choice of the Bracelet

Apple has provided an innovative mechanism that allows pressing a button, to easily remove the case strap. It has been understood, it opens the door to the possibility of changing bracelets according to his desires. While waiting to know which models of bracelets will be sold retail, you should know that not all ranges are sold with all bracelets.