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The Metal Signs You Can Go About Now

The panel of this brand can be drilled, screwed and shaped from a CNC cutting tool to create more impactful signage. These angles can also be rounded in order to protect pedestrians and ensure a good aesthetic. It is stainless and supports the sun.

  • This form of sign can be used as general store signage, directional signage, event and exhibition signage, etc. A pocket can be installed on the back of a Dibon panel to fix it on metal supports such as street signs.

The aluminum Dibond is a form of Premium signaling. It is the most durable among the existing materials and the strongest literally. If the 10 mm thickness of a Foamex is the heaviest, a Dibond sign will provide greater force to support a large windy load while it weighs less. If your poster is exposed to strong winds, the Dibond is surely the right choice. The custom metal signs are useful there.

Signage that can accommodate a superb impression

custom metal signs

Rigid panels can indeed be printed with waterproof UV inks from dedicated printers for large format. They can, therefore, accommodate any complete photographic reproduction. There is no question here of depriving yourself of the images which you would like to print on your rigid panel. In addition, they can be laminated with a transparent matt or glossy laminate to ensure more durability.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, buying road signs on the internet is now within everyone’s reach. You can now order your road signs online and in just a few clicks. By going through a website like Signalé, you access a wide range allowing you to buy cheap road signs and have them delivered directly to your home!

Buy cheap road signs in a few clicks:

To buy a road sign online it is very simple. You just need to follow these 3 key steps:

Choose your sign:

First, choose the panel model you need from the selection we offer. All our type A, type B, type C or even type AB panels are standardized and are divided into different categories according to their use. So you have the choice. For example, choose a parking sign, an obligation sign or a danger warning sign.

Choose your post:

We offer 3 types of posts for 2 mm thick galvanized steel road signs. A rectangular post of 80x40mm, a square post of 80x80mm or around post of 60mm in diameter.

Choose your type of attachment:

To fix your panel on the post you have chosen, you will need a flange adapted to the dimension of the latter. You can also choose a sheath in addition to your post to securely fix your panel.

Choose the best finish for your road sign:

The sale of road signs on the internet allows you to freely choose the materials and finishes best suited to your needs in terms of road signs. The choice of finish for your panel must be made according to the destination of the latter. Will it be installed in the city, in the countryside, by the roadside or in a lighted car park? Will it be installed high up or on a busy road? So there are many questions that should allow you to choose the best finish for your panel, in order to give it optimal durability and efficiency.