Electricity Rates

The High Electricity Rate Cutting Options

From this formula for calculating electricity costs, you can estimate the electrical power of each electronic device in your home. So, you can consider which electronic devices need to be turned on or not. In addition, you can also control daily electricity usage so that prepaid electricity usage does not swell. With the Electricity Rates this is important now.

Use SNI Cables for Electronic Devices

Electricity Rates

To outsmart prepaid electricity so that savings can be started from small things that are not unexpected, for example replacing all the wires in the house with cables that are SNI. Why does the cable have to be SNI? Quality guaranteed SNI cable so that the minimal risk of cable crust that makes electricity consumption more wasteful. Start replacing your old cable with a new SNI cable to make electricity at home more efficient.

Wise in Using AC

The presence of air conditioners as air conditioners does make us feel comfortable. However, if you want to save on the use of prepaid electricity then you should use AC wisely. For example, as long as you can do activities without using AC, then just turn off the AC in the room. Use the air conditioner if you really need it, such as when sleeping or when the weather is hot.

In addition, there are other economical tips for using air conditioners. If you previously set the temperature of AC 16 o C, it’s time to change the temperature to 25-30 o C. If the room is not too big and the number of people in the room is not much, then the air conditioner with a temperature of 25-30 o C is enough to cool the room.

Avoid the use of electronic devices simultaneously

Have you ever used AC, washing machine, refrigerator, and magic com at the same time? If using an electronic device with large power consumption, the meter will run very quickly. As a result, the consumption of electric pulses is also becoming more and more quickly discharged. Avoid using electronic devices simultaneously. If you want to cook rice, just turn on the magic com and the refrigerator, while the other electronic devices are turned off first. It is possible to use electronic devices simultaneously, but you also have to calculate electricity consumption.

Limit Credit Charges Ration

After experiencing an automatic blackout due to insufficient electrical pulses, you may become traumatized and fill up as much electricity as possible. As a result, your daily electricity usage is out of control and you are too lazy to control daily electricity usage.

How to outsmart prepaid electricity so that saving is to limit the electric pulse charging quota. For example, if you determine the amount of 100 thousand credits per month, try not to use electricity more than the amount of 100,000 per month. It is possible to save an electric token just in case, but do not charge it directly to your electricity meter.

Use Electronic Devices with Large Watts During the Day

For those of you who want to wash with a washing machine, you should do it during the day. Even so when you will fill the water reservoir with a water pump, fill it during the day. Why does it have to be during the day? During the day the electricity load is not too high. The lights in your home are also being turned off, so electricity consumption at home during the day is not too big.