The Fine Options for the Best Anime Movies

Recently, the popularity of adult anime has become increasingly popular. These are comic stories, which are often not inferior in their plot to movies or feature films. They reveal serious questions and topics, they make you think. There are pictures of an amateur about same-sex relationships or strawberry items. With the you can visit the best of Anime.

Anime about love

The best animations go successfully to cinemas all over the world and to the box office are not inferior to the works of other genres. For example, “Spirited Away”, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, among other awards, received in 2002 the “Berlin Film Festival” award as “Best Movie” and “Oscar” in 2003, Best Movie animation.

Brilliant look

Among other things, anime is also complex. The system of graphic representation of people is about their characters and their emotions. There are some peculiarities and strict rules. First of all, the appearance of the characters is always clearly pronounced in the European section of the huge eyes, borrowed from the Disney animation. And it’s not an accident. With the help of big eyes, anime artists convey the hero’s emotions and character. It is worth noting that the expressions on the faces of the characters are the same in all the pictures, which allows the viewer to easily determine what the hero thinks and how he feels, whether it is positive or negative while watching any movie of this kind. The remaining facial features, as a rule, are poorly identified and do not carry a semantic load.

What anime and manga

As for what anime is, many will respond to it. These are cartoons in which the characters have large eyes and colored hair. And it will be true. The second distinguishing feature of these works is the bright hairstyles. They usually consist of yarns, but the variety of their lengths and colors is simply amazing. And it also has its own meaning. The hairstyle and clothes literally allow at a glance to determine the character and characteristics of the character. This is primarily due to the fact that the vast majority of Japanese people have dark hair since birth, and their coloration or clarification by a conservative nation is perceived as a protest and a challenge to society.

Variety of formats

So, what anime movie or cartoon? In fact, the answer to this question will certainly not work. The thing is, the anime is filmed in different formats. The television series is the most common. Stories about the life and adventures of the heroes last from a few episodes to several hundred and are broadcast on television. The film is a feature film intended for shows, especially in cinemas.

OVA – works created especially for sale on the media and, as a rule, are not broadcast anywhere.

ONA is anime that was shot for distribution on the web. This is the newest format, which has not yet gained much popularity, but high hopes are placed on it.

The plot is fascinating

The plots of photos and TV shows of this kind are very varied. Everyone will be able to choose something for themselves. There is an anime about love, friendship and betrayal, about unusual phenomena, about aliens and future technologies, about battles and deeds of warriors or entire armies. In general, historical, romantic, drama, thrillers, mysticism, fantasies all, as in the familiar world of feature films and television series.