Qualcomm Snapdragon 690

Uses of android smartphone, advantage, and disadvantage of a smartphone

Qualcomm Snapdragon 690

A smartphone is a mobile device that contains many features like a calculator, camera, internet connection, Bluetooth, etc. with the help of smartphones people can identify the doubts and get clear knowledge from the internet. This is the importance of smartphones without smartphone people cannot lead a peaceful and comfortable life. There are different branded smartphones are available in the market from that only five or six brands are popular among people. Smartphones attract teenage people and motivate them to use the smartphone is various purposes. In the modern world, a video call is popularly attracted by people this facility is only on the smartphone. The highest speed internet connection was used in smartphone from that Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 is a new published mobile have the facility of 5G internet connection. Various benefits are available in the smartphone that is mainly used for teenage people sometimes senior citizen also use a smartphone for their safety purpose. Android is the system we only use smartphones this is the best production of smartphones. There are different types of a brand is available in the market some famous brand is Samsung, iPhone, Oppo, Redmi, Vivo, etc. there are some famous brand smartphones. The early smartphone was not easily attracted by people because there are many difficulties available while using the basic model smartphones.

Uses and needs of smartphone

The smartphone is very essential for the modern technology world because everything became faster without smartphones we cannot get a basic facility from the technology. The uses and needs of the smartphone are mostly needed for youngsters and teenage people because they have the curiosity to learn many things this is the use of a smartphone. The main feature of smartphones is an internet facility with the help of internet facility we can install social media for their mobile. Social media is the best tool to communicate with other cultures people and other traditional people. Social media give the ability to identify the best knowledge and get great knowledge about the world. Other than social media we can get information about the interesting topic.

Advantages of smartphone

There are many advantages available in the smartphone that is internet facility, social media, camera, voice call, video call, Google, etc. with the help of internet we can get the information about day to day activities, government orders, job facilities, study materials, and countrywide knowledge. These are some basic knowledge and advantage we get through the smartphone. In the modern world, there are many job vacancy is available in the online field. The best advantage is online marketing which means we can buy the home usage products online and dress and other beauty products available in the online market. People like the usage of smartphones for their personal use.

Disadvantage of smartphone

Smartphone has many advantages but there is some disadvantage is contains. That is smartphone has many unsecured safety process people personal information was steel by hackers and personal photos also easily steel by the hackers. This is the main disadvantage of a smartphone. Smartphone has two sides safe side and unsafe side.