Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Terrariums: The Marvelous Jar for Plants

A terrarium is a garden on the palm. It is a small greenhouse cum ecosystem in a glass jar. Basically, all plants and desired animals with soil and water are put in a transparent glass or plastic container. One can choose soil, rocks, sand and plants of his or her wish and successfully create a terrarium. They are self-developing and need the least of our care and time but still make our day. Why do you wonder? This is because of the self-running water cycle inside the terrarium. As the transparent container absorbs the light, the moisture of terrarium soil dries up but it gathers on the walls of the container and ultimately falls again into the soil. This process reduces its watering frequency and hence makes it more feasible to maintain.

Terrarium Workshop Singapore is organized to learn about making, working, and maintenance of terrarium. One gets insights into it while workshopping. Apart from learning about the terrarium, there are numerous reasons one must attend a workshop.

Terrarium for kids-

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Everyone focuses on kids’ learning and development from a very young age. Then why not try hands-on recreational activities and learn things joyously.

  • Creative side- Kids will enjoy creating their own garden, they will sense it as an accomplishment. Making their own custom garden will make them let their creative persona out. They will learn to have vision and patience. The time which terrarium takes to grow completely will make kids learn to wait about outcomes and enjoy every bit of growth.
  • Interaction to nature– Terrarium making will open the door for children to learn more about nature and enjoy it personally. They will learn to balance things in nature through making a balance of soil rocks and water.
  • Learning life cycle– Terrarium gives the opportunity to kids to learn about the life cycle of plants and beautiful things take time to grow. There is no better way than trying out one’s own hands to learn it. Practical and visual learning lasts lifelong and this is a great opportunity for kids who love to experience new things
  • Caring– Although the terrarium requires less attention some care is needed for it to proliferate and give the role of care to kids which engage them and realize the need for caring.

And terrarium for adults-

Apart from kids, terrarium workshops are super beneficial for adults too.

  • Destressing– Terrarium workshops have proved to be a great way to get out of the work loop and take out moments to enjoy ourselves. Terrarium making fills us with joy and cheers us up we have the liberty to choose our way to create our terrarium
  • Green joy– Keeping greens around us creates a positive vibe around us, reduces fatigue and improves one’s concentration and creativity. It’s a great booster
  • Teamwork– When in a workshop, people working together develop a bonding while working together. They share common ideas, advice and sometimes grow into long term friends. This also develops a feeling to work together in a team and respect other’s thoughts and ideas.

The idea of creating and maintaining a terrarium instils a person with many feelings. It is a saviour for the people lacking space and time but loving greens.