Team Building Activities Singapore

Team building for fun

Once a team organises and they chit and chat to create new work in the fun. They don’t want to do a stressful work. They want to do their work freely and happily. In happiness only they found a bond and they cultivate a real friendship in it. There is no ego among them as they all are equally talented and they want to do all the works in an organised manner by having fun. They seek for an opportunity. Team Building Activities Singapore provides an opportunity to them and they have given the whole responsibility of an event to entertain the people with some new ideas. The first thing that comes to their mind is cooking. They all are well versed in experimenting with cooking. They planned to organise a virtual event in cake making. They have announced the date of the event and then they have listed the ingredients which are needed to prepare a chocolate cake.  It is teamwork. So they have given the time duration of 2hours and they introduced them with funny nicknames with the help of funny riddles to make it as an activity.

Fun cake

Team Building Activities Singapore

Here the cook and magicians are doing the work. So cook will describe the ingredients, the magician will display the ingredients to the audience. Then the chef starts to prepare the cake their friends are sitting in a semi-circle to watch the preparation. The magician is making fun with everyone to makes the session a livelier one and keeps the team members engaged. The necessary ingredients are supplied to magic to satisfy the needs of the cook, as it is a virtual event the magician funs with the participants also. If the participants are very serious in their work, then they get bored in doing the work. To make them interesting these magicians are included in the teams to ask questions and to giving them funny answers. Once the cake is ready then the decoration is the next part that brings cake an additional name and fame. People are fond of cakes and their decorations.

Fun decoration

Decorations are the attractions that yield people to buy it, once the batter is ready, they have to choose a concept for their cake for that the team has to sit and discuss the theme of the cake. After deciding the theme then they have to create a design and they have to choose colours and different varieties of chocolates to decorate it. If they have chosen the cake as a model of the zoo, then they have to choose the animals and tress then they have to prepare coloured chocolate like real animals and trees to bring the natural effort. It is possible only by the team. All the team member has to keep the zoo in their mind and they have to co-operate to build a zoo cake. After finishing the cake also, they have taken care of the cake by keeping it at a chill temperature which suits the cake. Once if the chocolate starts to melt then the whole process will get spoiled. So they have mentioned these things to the audience and the audience must be happy in working along with them by knowing the concept with fun-filled activities.