Nandrolone undecanoate

Some causes of Tren to notice

Tren has got two forms; trenbolone acetate (Tren A) and trenboloneenanthate (Tren E). these names are mainly due to different chemical forms having different esters. There are different speeds at which they enter and leave your system. Tren A has a shorter lifespan as is readily available which makes it more popular than Nandrolone undecanoate . You can see greater effects by using it everyday which will help you in maintaining the Tren level in the body. However, Tren E has got a longer life cycleand lesser side effects. Talking about the side effect, here is a list of some of the side effects of Tren.

Oily Skin

Tren causes the skin to be super oily. Your skin knows the ways to keep it healthy and clean. It produces its own natural oils whichlock the moisture. Thus, preventing your hairs from becoming brittle and dry. Using Tren causes your sebaceous glands to be in an overdrive mode whichcauses them to produce more oil than the required amount. This will make your skin look gross and clammy which may result in some severe acne.

Intense Rage

Having extreme rage against the people could be one of the symptoms of Tren. Trenhas androgenic compounds which can cause an impact on your brain, making you feel anger and stress. If you suddenly stop using Tren, it might even cause you to have an emotional crash which can make you feel depressed.


Another androgenic side effect of Trenis baldness. Tren could also result in the loss of your hair making you bald. If you find that any member of your family suffers from male pattern baldness, then you should avoid Tren. It is good if you want to improve your physique but it isn’t if you do not like to end up with a shaved look.

A cough

Nandrolone undecanoate

If you have injected yourself trenbolone, then you must have experienced this side effect. Tren is an oil-based injection and there are chances for the oil to enter into your bloodstream which then travels into the lungs in order to be coughed out. These coughing can be both intense and life-threatening as well. Any oil based steroids could cause a cough, but trenbolone could be horrific than the rest. Moreover, Tren is not available in oral form. So you could not avoid it and take it in injection able form if required.

Tren Dick

Tren is so strong that it can increase your testosterone level to a whole new level. The body can regulate the testosterone level by itself. But when you take anabolics like Tren, it reduces the amount of testosterone which the body produces. This could result in erectile dysfunction which could cause problems in your sex life. This side effect is also known as ‘tren dick’ which is certainly not going to help you with the ladies even if you have got big muscles.


These side effects can be avoided if you consult a doctor before using them.