Install AdGuard to make your Web Browser Ad Free

Every day we come across new possibilities and problems while surfing on the Internet to serve all our needs. Originally the World Wide Web was first created to have better communication and sharing of knowledge, but slowly businesses came into it and there it took turning point as a trap for getting attention and lockpicks to the purse. Then came the AdGuard which is nothing but a type of Adblock extension that is built by software professionals, who are having years of experience in this field to provide best web browsing that blocks ads for faster access of content on a web page without the need of spending more and more time online.


Hence the reason behind the formation of AdGuard was to make the Internet more convenient for web browsers who spend a lot of time daily on the internet whether for education purpose or for their daily bread the reasons are endless. It is thus one of the useful and manageable extensions to be used for blocking ads that display on your web pages or domain. In pursuit of profit its been a long time that many marketers had missed ethics and common sense in their life. That is when AdGuard came into the picture to help the users and protect their interests and return the Web environment to keep in under their control.

Why should one choose AdGuard?

It is an amazing ad block extension that has been accessed by 25,000,000+ millions of users from all around the world. Till date, more than 50,000,000+ downloads had been done using this AdGaurd software tool. It had reached into 9,6/10 top list of Trustpilot’s Software category that is published by CNET tech publisher as highly rated software of present era to block annoying ads such as flash ads, video ads, Facebook ads, and many more without affecting the website nor the web browser.

Best Features of this Extension:

  1. AdGuard works as a wonderful extension and provides essential features that suit on all devices to get installed automatically as a default browser extension. It is a wonderful software tool for Windows. Today it is one of the most advanced ad blockers that provides complete protection of website content and keeps the web browsers personal data private. It is beneficial to keep the entire module under parental control and work equally well with all the browsers and apps.
  2. AdGuard also works best with macOS. It is proven standalone ad blocker that is designed specifically to block all ads on all browsers and apps which protects the privacy also alongside.
  3. AdGuard is great to work on Android devices. It is a unique tool which is used to block ads appearing on apps and browsers. It also keeps your private details confidential and manages well all your apps.
  4. AdGuard for iOS devices. It is an excellent software tool that blocks ads in Safari and on other apps, protects your kids from streaming adult content online and guards all your personal data against the chances of tracking and theft.


Did you ever hear about AdGuard? If not then check about this software tool that is as faster as any other ad blocker to provide the web browsers good experience without the fear of tracking their personal data and web content details for any theft. Anyone can use this extension or software tool on any of their devices to access ad-free internet surfing that is faster and highly compatible.