scrapbooking die cutting

Make a professional scrapbook in six steps: our tips and tricks

How to create an eye-catching cover? Which background is best suited for my scrapbook? What are the best tips and tricks for creating a scrapbook? Here, in six steps, all you need to know about creating a scrapbook with the poster. With the scrapbooking die cutting this is important now.

Planning your scrapbook

You can choose to trust your instincts, open our Scrapbook Configurator directly (available online) and start immediately, but we recommend that you develop an upstream concept. You will save time and know which scrapbook format is best for your project, as well as the number of pages. To do this, simply answer the following questions:

What is the theme of my scrapbook? Do you want to remember a particular day or event? Do you want to dedicate your scrapbook to someone you love? Would you like to collect photos from your last trip? Depending on the chosen theme, you can select the appropriate background, layout and number of photos.

How much text do you want to insert? Adding text or data takes up a lot of space on a page. So you can start with more pages or shrink some photos. Also, think about the size of the font, the text must be readable.

scrapbooking die cutting

How would you like to present your story – chronologically, thematically, according to places or people? By defining your thread, you will make it easier. If you decide to present your story chronologically, for example, the built-in scrapbook configurator tool will allow you to filter photos based on the date they were taken. This will save you a lot of time.

What format and what quality should my scrapbook have? Which model is suitable for your theme? Each scrapbook template is designed for a number of pages and optimal rendering. If you want brilliant colors and shades, high-quality paper and plan more than 98 pages, then we recommend you choose to print on real photo paper with our Premium Scrapbook. If you want to create a small scrapbook, convenient and easily transportable, we recommend our scrapbook, more economical.

How would you like to present your scrapbook? Choose between a scrapbook printed on real photo paper with a hardcover or a scrapbook with a softcover. Or our classic scrapbook which is a good combination of both versions.

Scrapbook’s scrapbook

Whether for yourself or to offer, a scrapbook is a good idea to give life to your most beautiful memories. Create and order today the scrapbook of your dreams with scrapbook.

Setting the number of pages

The theme of your scrapbook determines the number of pages needed. Here are some professional tips and tricks on the question:

Present a trip: The pros recommend to plan a page or a double-page by stage of the trip.

Remembering parties and events: think back to the event and plan the number of pages accordingly. If you create a wedding scrapbook, for example, will the ceremony take up more pages than the arrival at the church?

Create chronicles or others: Dedicate a page or a double-page to each person. How to make a scrapbook particularly pleasant to watch? It’s very simple: reserve enough space to insert pictures of the atmosphere or landscapes. A scrapbook is one of the best ways to keep your best memories for all eternity. A scrapbook is one of the best ways to keep your best memories for all eternity.