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Great Choices for the Perfect Jewelry Items Now

It will be advantageous to shade the delicate white color of the decoration of pink and brown colors, gold and silver accessories. The beige dress perfectly complements jewelry in beige or cream shades. But white jewelry, on the contrary, should not be worn for such a dress. With the jewelry from Jerusalem you can come up as the best choice now.


With a tender champagne dress, accessories in cool colors will look good, as well as decorations in light cream and cream colors. A good alternative for a champagne-colored dress is gold jewelry or jewelry in gold tones.

  • We must not forget that the gold jewelry should not be massive – this is not suitable for the image of the bride. A thin chain, small earrings, and a thin bracelet all this is stylish, cute, and tasteful. Focus on the hair.
  • Today, more and more often you can see brides in colored dresses. It’s quite difficult to find the perfect accessory for this, but it’s worth a try. Choose jewelry in the same shades as the dress itself or in the most harmonious colors.
  • Wedding fashion now allows dresses not only in red but also in blue and black. If your dress combines several different shades, then choosing a piece of jewelry is in harmony with the dominant color.
  • For each of these dresses, crystal jewelry is perfect. Necklaces, earrings, a hairpin made of Swarovski crystals or rock crystal – will add mystery and romance to the image of the bride, without weighing down the innocent image.

If you have decided on the color, then now you need to choose the form of decoration. This is best done according to the type of neckline of the dress. If your dress has an open bodice, which implies a complete absence of shoulder straps, then you are in luck, as the choice of jewelry suitable for such a dress is simply huge. Almost any accessory will look great with such a dress.

Jewelry with pearls

The most popular jewelry for brides is, of course, pearl jewelry. After all, pearls are a stone that since ancient times was considered a faithful companion of the bride, personified tenderness and innocence, purity and nobility (in ancient Russia not only jewelry was made from pearls, but the bride’s clothes were also embroidered with it – it was considered a rich dowry). Large pearls used to be called “grains”, and small pearls were called “weight”. Our ancestors believed that the bride must wear a pearl necklace for the wedding.

Jewelry with pearls

Many people like something unique, individual, interesting. Handmade earrings and necklaces can be made independently, choosing all the necessary shades and any shape. You can make a choker out of white beads.

How to choose a brooch?

The brooch can be used as a piece of independent jewelry or combined with rings, earrings, bracelets, and sometimes with necklaces or pendants. For a daily look, choose small brooches (and other jewelry) without a lot of sparkling stones or rhinestones. For the holiday, on the contrary, you can choose a kit brighter. The most important rule is not to overdo it.

jewelry from Jerusalem

You can choose a brooch for clothes (in the color of the kit or, conversely, a contrast option), for the color type of appearance (for the color of the eyes or hair), for the figure. Large brooches are perfect for slender tall girls, we recommend buying low, graceful, elongated jewelry. Best of all, brooches will look on plain outfits. You can also fix a chiffon scarf, a satin scarf or even a dense shawl with a brooch.