Great Choices for the urgent Medical care

In winter, the number of accidents on the roads is always increasing. Of course, an accident – it is always unpleasant, but it is better to be prepared for any situation. These same tips would come in handy if such an unpleasant incident happened to your relatives or friends, or even if you witnessed an accident.

If an accident occurs, the first thing to do is stop, turn off the engine and turn on the alarm. Never move cars and items related to the accident. After all, this may later complicate the restoration of the details and circumstances of the accident. A visit to makes things easier now.

Once stopped, check to see if there are any injured

Life and health of people caught in an accident priority. If there are passengers in your car, first make sure that they are okay. Then find out if other participants in the accident are injured. If necessary, call an ambulance.

If the victims of the accident have injuries that threaten their lives, they should give them first aid before the ambulance arrives. Apply artificial respiration, stop bleeding. Assisting, do not try to pull the injured people out of the car, which is not threatened by an explosion. You can cause them additional injuries. Call the rescue and ambulance: the professionals will cope with the evacuation better.

In the case when it is not possible to call an ambulance, for example, the phone does not work, and then you need to take the injured yourself to the hospital. But before that, be sure to record the traces of an accident in a photo or video. After the hospital, you must return to the scene. In no case, do not run away from the scene. Otherwise, it later becomes an additional argument against you.

After the first aid to victims of the accident was rendered, it is necessary to take care of the safety of other road users install an emergency stop sign behind the car.

Call relatives or friends to come to you. This will be psychological support, as well as your witnesses in the case of a detailed description of all the circumstances of the incident. “Your” person can even record the entire process of registration of an accident on video, for example, on the phone.

Next, call the police. You can call the attendant on your mobile for free. It is necessary to report the accident and specify the place of the accident. Be prepared that the patrol will not come soon. Sometimes you can wait 15 minutes, and sometimes more than an hour, especially if the accident occurred far from populated areas.

If as a result of the accident only cars were damaged, the patrol police issue an accident. If there are injured people, then they call the investigative-operative group.

The list of documents that must make the police after the accident:

  • Protocol on the administrative violation, which includes: The scheme of the place of the accident, which is signed by the participants of the accident and the police officer;
  • Explanations of the participants in the incident and the witnesses, if there are any;
  • Instrument data;
  • Data of photo and video surveillance, if any;
  • Other materials are necessary for making a decision on the case.

Another document that must be given by the police is a certificate of a traffic accident.