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There are cases of top athletes, who after pulling the rope, they adjust the head by moving it to adjust the vision and the nose, and then shoot. One of the best archers in the world does that. It is not to be imitated. Her trick is that she anchors on the neck, with the neck as a reference. So she can afford to move her head. Only she has been training this for over 15 years and with a coach and an entire team. She manages to train in such a way, that such addiction is always repeated in the same formal way. But this is an exception. Find the combat archery tag there now.

The position of the fingers

The position of the fingers in relation to the bowstring is very important and it starts the moment you prepare to pull the string when you place your fingers on the string. As a rule, use your fingertips to the first joint. Usually, we try to distribute the weight of the rope evenly between the fingers.

The weight distribution of the rope between the fingers can vary. There are archers who put more weight on the index finger, while others distribute the weight between the index and ring. Some keep their fingers more open, while others close their hands more, curling their fingers. There is no pattern here unless you use your fingertips to the first joint. The way to hold the rope is very individual and with time and practice, you will discover your way.

It is also essential how you hold the bow. The grip on the bow must always be identical, as each change will influence the arrow’s trajectory. For this reason, many archers shape their own fist according to the hand and the way to hold the bow. The rule says that the arch between the thumb and the index finger should be held.

Know the Archery Techniques

The hand wraps around the bow handle without squeezing or holding the bow. The fingers are loose. The hand is passive and functions merely as a support element.

Having determined the position of both hands on the bow and on the string, we pull the string to the chin with the right hand and hold the bow with the left hand without tightening the bow. The left hand and arm serve only as a support element. It is the right arm that is active, while the left is passive. and if we do the right pull the straight hand will automatically fit under the chin.

When pulling the rope we must always pay attention not to twist the hand. it happens more than you think. You can usually eliminate such addiction with training. if not, then a variation according to the type of twist is attempted. If we twist the fist during the pull, it will happen that the bow ends up being tilted to one or the other side, affecting the arrow’s trajectory.

To recap

We have two fundamental elements for good anchoring: the posture and the positioning of the head and the position of the fingers on the string and the hand on the bow.

Release the arrow

combat archery tag

The aim of archery is, through training and determinism, self-control and correction, strengthening of tendons and bones, with the goal or the target keeping the rules hitting the target. Therefore, all those who want to shoot with a bow must first determine their intentions, control their mind and execute the rules right.