Detection of moisture problems
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Finest Options for the Moisture Problem Detenction

It is worth checking the resistance of doors and windows: if they are creaking, how are the latches and locks, the fixing of screws, water slots, adjustment of locks, operation of rubbers, brushes, pulleys and other sealing elements of doors and windows. For the Detection of moisture problems this is important.

It is important to note that all items listed here are the responsibility of the property owner, and the property owner will be responsible for any repairs that may be required before the property is delivered to the future tenant. However, nothing prevents repairs and renovations being made by mutual agreement between those involved. For example, it is possible for the tenant to retire and have the amount invested deducted from the rent.

Check furniture and objects, which are also the owner’s responsibility

The presence of cabinets, shelves and cabinets and the details of conservation and operation of each item, such as utensils, crockery and appliances left in the property, should not be excluded from the property inspection term. Pay attention to handles, hinges and even decoration details and designs. In addition to reporting the condition of objects, it also include the manufacturer’s mark.

Document everything on property inspection

Detection of moisture problems

The report should document every detail analyzed during the process not only in text but mainly with photos. It is interesting to photograph even the door lock – report it if it has no key. Take photos of every stain, crack, hole, or pattern difference you find on the floors and windowpanes in each room and also on the outside.

Confirm the measurements of the property

In a rental property survey, it is important to verify the accuracy of the measurements provided by the owner. Check the floors, the subfloors and the baseboards. If the difference is greater than 5%, remind the tenant that it is possible to demand the complement of the area, reduce the value or even terminate the contract.

Pay attention to the effects of nature.

Remember that mold and moisture that hits the home’s infrastructure and furniture is also the responsibility of the homeowner. It is important to pay attention to holes, stains or marks in the painting of walls and ceiling. The report should clarify in detail even with what color and type of paint the walls, ceilings, doors and windows of the house are painted, as well as the state of conservation of the painting.

It is worth reminding the landlord that after the survey, if the new tenant identifies a structural problem that could not be identified in the first report, the responsibility of the repair, paying the cost of lowering the rent, is his.

All of these tips help the broker to ensure a good relationship between both parties during the lease: the landlord is assured that his property will be delivered in conditions commensurate with those of the beginning of the rent; The tenant does not risk the landlord covering something that was not previously listed or repairing something that was already in poor condition. All of this avoids future problems for homeowners, tenant and brokers.

Property Inspection Report:

A lease is the only one with a survey module fully integrated with the Surveyor application a great tool for the broker to be able to perform surveys automatically linked to the lease agreements registered in the system. In the Surveyor app, there are no survey limits, and you can store as many photos as you need, even without a Wi-Fi connection, as the app works offline.