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Choosing the Best of Japan to Visit

Well, say that Japan is a country of the most accessible, open and enriching in terms of travel and discoveries. A few days spent on-site and you will be charmed, without breaking the bank, far from it. A visit to vakantie Japan comes perfect.

Air Ticket

Watch the offers, but regularly it is not uncommon to see the national luxury companies such as Japan Airlines or ANA offer flights between 500 euros and 600 euros. Watch their offers up close and do not hesitate to subscribe to their newsletter to be kept informed of their promotional offers.


Housing is relatively expensive in Japan. By looking good, it is possible to find accommodation, guest house, hostels, couch surfing, woofing, capsule hotel, for prices rather accessible since most youth hostels charge between $ 15 and $ 30 for a bed in dormitory. You can find a place in a capsule hotel for 30 $. A double room in a basic hotel will cost you about 50 $ per night


There are plenty of places to eat for cheap in Japan. The Yoshinoya chain offers menus less than 5 $ (rice and pork bowl, rice bowl and curry. On average, most restaurant meals cost an average of $ 10 for a good restaurant, count instead of 25 $. In a sushi bar, count between 0.75 $ and 3.5 $ per piece. Fast food costs around $ 5.

vakantie Japan

Transport Network

Japanese transport is relatively expensive! Trains are the fastest way to cross the country but also the most expensive. A ticket from Osaka to Tokyo can cost you 120 $! Metro tickets in most cities cost between $ 0.75 and $ 1.5. In big cities, you can take a card for the day for unlimited trips for 24 hours, it costs 6 $. In Kyoto, you will travel by bus so think about buying an unlimited pass for the day, this pass costs 4 $ and it is extremely profitable.


Entrances to most temples are free, except for some popular attractions (7.5 $). The entrance to Kyoto temples costs a maximum 4 $. Most city parks are free, so make the most of it. You can buy a business card valid for one day.

Visit the Free Sites

With an incredible number of museums, shrines, temples and parks, Japan is an excellent opportunity to immerse you in a new culture. Most of the country’s parks are free.

The JR Pass

Trains are incredibly expensive and can reach several hundred euros. If you are thinking of traveling a lot in the country, buy the JR Pass which allows you to travel without limits and save a lot of money.

Take The Bus

Buses are an economical alternative to the train. They are longer but cost much less. For example, a 2.5-hour train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto takes around 10 hours by bus. For 75 $, you can travel as much as you want for three non-consecutive days. If you have time, take the bus.

Shop Shopping At 100 Yen (1 $)

There are plenty of 100 Yen stores in Japan, where you can find food, drink, beauty products and decorative items. The name of the shops varies according to the region so ask at the reception of your hotel or hostel where the nearest is. It’s also a great way to find souvenirs for really cheap.