Youtube Vanced

YouTube – The Best Entertainer

People of all groups are using YouTube to kill the time during the pandemic. People are not allowed outside the home to play or enjoy. So they use Youtube as a medium to relax their mind and also to get converted from the fear of covid-19. Youtube Vanced is an attractive device that adds the quality of YouTube. Even the kids enjoyed the lot by using the safer app YouTube kids. Kids up to the age of 10 don’t know the exact features of the internet. So youtube kids are the best app for kids, it provides only the basic needs of a child simply to entertain and also to learn rhymes, alphabets, numbers etc. even the 2 years kid can play it safely and sing a nursery song to gain the knowledge without depending on their parents. So it creates individuality and talent to make efforts on oneself without dependence on others

YouTube for elders

Particularly to say that most of the senior citizens are using and spending more time hearing devotional songs and spiritual messages to enrich their mind in the saying and the spirit of god. they depend totally on God to relieve from the fear of the coronavirus and they rely on the youTube source to watch the famous epic and other preachings of the ancient saints to gain the confidence to make their presence lively.

YouTube for Education

Students started to learn on their own with the help of YouTube. Once they got the information clear, they are satisfied, if they are not clear with it they replay the video and they grasp the idea and complete their studies. In the education part, it plays a vital role. All the teachers opened a youTube channel to explain their thoughts and ideas and asked their students to visit regularly and students are very eager to listen to the classes on youtube and also for the college students their concepts are uploaded, by visiting the correct title they learn the concepts and it helps a lot to the researchers to fulfil their thesis and also they found the subject expert for their area and they got new friendship. From this, the teachers and the students have become thick friends in their approach and help the educationist to the core.

YouTube for middle-agers

Youtube Vanced

Middle agers searched a lot to develop their running business, some of them used youTube as an additional business. They shared their ideas and concepts with their old friends, from that they gained merry company and spend their ideal times as a useful one. Next thing is that many of the peopledeveloped their cooking skill. They begin it as a hobby then it creates curiosity and they continued it and it becomes a skill and they have turned in to a chef in the 5star hotels and make of the people showed their talents in the baking cake. As part of the birthday celebration, all the people started to prepare a cake on their own and presented it as a birthday present. Those are the happy moments and it acted as a family entertainer to make their living lively and people enjoyed and realised the concept of home by differentiating from the house. As a result, YouTube has served people as a friend, guide to change the attitude and behaviour of their life.