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Angel Investment objectives can vary depending on the person or the period: looking for a short-term or long-term investment, with more or less risk, to be able to tax or simply to support SMEs French. If investing in local SMEs can be a great opportunity to diversify your investments, optimize your tax system or make sense of your money, it is important to know what you are looking for from the start.

Understand the Heart of Business

On the page of each project, we give you a maximum of information on the activity of the company, on its financing needs and its leaders. It is important that you understand and share the enthusiasm of project leaders before investing. We exchange with them as soon as the file is submitted to ensure that their application is well founded. If you have additional questions or want to talk to the founders, we can put you in touch.

Do Not Put Your Eggs into the Same Basket

Investing in SMEs and VSEs has a number of benefits that were discussed earlier, but it may also involve risks. To limit this risk, we advise you to diversify your savings between guaranteed investments to protect a portion of your savings, and investments in riskier projects but with a higher expectation of gain. Also, never invest in a business that you would need in the short term.

Follow the Companies In Which You Invested

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a company in which one has invested to develop one’s project. Regularly, the company will provide you with information on its evolution and its strategy. If you wish, you can participate in general meetings by being a shareholder, propose your ideas, exchange with the project leader, and share your experience, expertise, contacts and business opportunities.

Who is behind the company?

The entrepreneur and his team play a vital role in the smooth running and development of a business. It is important for any investor to be interested in the entrepreneur. The motivation and personal qualities of the entrepreneur are the driving force behind the project’s success.

What will the funds raised be used for?

The key is to ensure that today’s investments will generate the revenue of tomorrow. Financing business development must have a direct impact on turnover. Also, while it may be worth investing in R & D, it is a much riskier opportunity than investing in a new production tool.

What is the market?

To look at what is the market is to ask who the potential customers of the company are and who the competitors of the latter are. Without becoming an expert in the sector, it is useful to ask what is the type of market, its size, or its maturity.

Is the company profitable?

Angel Investment

The economic model is the system designed by the company allowing it to generate revenue and develop its business. It is in this way that the entrepreneur gives us his vision of the company, in the short and long terms. It may be useful to focus on a few simple financial items such as the income statement. For every fundraising company, provides you with all this information on the project page and in downloadable documents.

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