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Why web design is crucial for your business in this 2019

Website design is a complex task, and it focuses on multiple aspects. If you have just started your career as a budding web designer, you may think that all you need to create a gorgeous website, and it’s done, right? To be honest, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s not only the visitor for whom you’re designing the site – but it’s also the search engine where your site must rank to get any visitor at all. Without a search engine friendly website, your ranking will be behind the competitors, and your business will not be able to survive in this harsh world of digital marketing. A website should be more functional than appealing, but that doesn’t mean it can be ugly! It’s the perfect balance between aesthetics and structure that we, as a website design company , aim to strike to make a website conveniently effective and at the same time, visually stunning.

website design company

WordPress page editing continues: how to hide the title

We can head back over to our dashboard, then on the left-hand side, click plug-ins, and then up at the top click add new. Just like with themes, there are tons of different plugins that we can install for free through WordPress, and we can filter them by featured, popular or recommended. Then on the right-hand side, there’s also a search bar if we know the name of the plug-in to search we are going to be installing. So for now, you want to type the words “title remover” into this box and then hit enter on our keyboard to search. The first plug-in in the list should be the one we are looking for, and you want to click here where it says install. Now, WordPress is going to install the plug-in instantly, and we have to click activate the plug-in. Once the plug-in has been activated, we can head over to our site and decide which pages we want to hide the title for. So it’s going to be the home page which I would suggest hiding the title, and then my contact page. There’s nothing on my blog page yet anyway, so we’ll see if the title shows up, and if it does, we can remove it.

To remove the title from our home page, we need to visit the page, then click up at the top where it says edit page. Now if we scroll down on the right-hand side, we’ll see it says “hide the title.”We need to check this box and then update our page. Now when we view our page, we will see that the titles have been removed. It hasn’t been totally removed really; it’s just hidden. So it will still show up for searches and things like that. Then we can do the same for our contact page, or any other pages. You just have to click into the page, up at the top click edit page, scroll down and on the right- hand side, check the box under “hide the title.”Then when we update the page and view the page, the title is going to be hidden. And as you can see, the image is moved up a little and it’s looking a lot neater.