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Who pays for the damage caused by the power surge?

Here we will discuss who will make the payment for the damages that are caused by the power surge. Also, we will discuss how you can prevent a power surge and things that cause a power surge in Texas.

Who pays for damages caused by the power surge?

Frontier Utilities Energy Plans

Everyone knows that if a power surge takes place, there is surely huge damage that might occur. This is why you need to make sure that you are perfectly safe and also try to keep your house safe. To keep more safety for appliances in your house, you can take the Frontier Utilities Energy Plans  and services.

Three possible sources can pay for the damages caused by the power surge insurance company, you, and the utility company. The utility company is most responsible for the damage payment because they provide the day-to-day electrical provision. The most utility company will accept their fault and pay for the damages caused by the power surge. However, these companies may make some exceptions for those things which they don’t deal with.

Every utility company is different, and also they all operate under different circumstances. You may need to hire a lawyer to check that the damages should be paid by the utility company. Many people who have home insurance turn to their insurance company in hopes that they will pay for it.

Some policies do not cover power surge damage, and you need to check these things in the contract. You should also ask the insurance company to check if you are also covered for some amount with the policy or not. A power surge is known to be very dangerous for your house, appliances, and also for the people living in it.

How can you prevent a power surge?

You cannot prevent a power surge from happening because it is a natural factor, but you can save your appliances. This means that there are some ways in which you can save all your electrical appliances.

Given below are some ways through which you can keep all your electrical appliances safe.

  • You can use a plug-in power strip with an appropriate surge protector to keep them safe.
  • You can fit your whole house with a surge protector.
  • You need to install a Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) in your house.
  • During a storm, you should make sure to unplug all your electrical appliances and devices.
  • You should have an electrician check out your house for a faulty wire anywhere.

Which things cause a power surge in Texas?

If you live in Texas, then you will be familiar with the power outage and also the power surge there. Here is a list of some things and how they cause the power surge to happen in Texas.

  • Thunderstorms

The high heat in Texas is combined with the moisture that comes from the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it prone. Due to this reason, there can be serious cases of thunderstorms and even power surges here.

  • Hurricanes

In the year 2008, Hurricane named Ike caused billion of dollars of damage in Texas. Not only that, but it also came with rain causing the power outage for several hours in different places.