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What is SEO in Internet Marketing?

SEO is abbreviated as Search Engine optimization. The name itself suggests that it will optimize the searches that are given in the search engines. Search engines are nothing but google and bing kind of engines that you will use to search for something on the internet.


When you take SEO into Internet marketing then it will kind of take a quite longer and also farther. SEO is basically used for organic reaches. It means that you will be marketing your products just based on The SEO tools and strategies that you implement. Instead of writing long page blog articles or creating podcasts and videos. You will also not run any ads. SEO is basically and purely for the organic reach of your website and the product and services you use.

SEO actually works in this way. When you optimize your blog or website with the SEO search engine powered keywords. Then also add some backlinks to it then you will be able to rank on google. But it is easy said than done. You have to out in son much of work to rank number one in Google. With the growing internet competency, there are multiple firms that are out there who are competing to put in the work and get ranked on google. So you have to do something different to outperform them a get ranked google.

There are different types of SEP techniques that are used in ranking the highest in the SERP. This means that people can just find you by searching the business-related keyword.

For example, if you own a pet shop and you have a website that is optimized with SEO and it is SERP friendly. And if you have the keyword “Famous pet shop in Canada” optimized then when a user or a public search for something like “famous pet shop in Canada” then your website will be able to come at the top and you will be able to rank the highest and it is more likely that the user will click your website and enter into your website and buy your product. In this way, you will be able to increase sales in the business. That is why it is really important to make sure that your website is SEO friendly.

Tips to have an SEO optimized website

  1. Place keywords appropriately

You should place your keyword correctly. Your keyword should be present in the heading and the subheading. It should also be present in the meta description. A meta description is nothing but the description that the google shows to you when you search for something. This will help the google or any search engine point out the keyword that you are using.

  1. Clear URLs

Sometimes for your web page, the URLs will be generated by itself. These will be called Permalinks. You can always edit these [perma links. You should change the way it looks. And also it is important to place your keyword in the Permalink so that it will make it easier for the search engine to help to locate your page.