olymp trade registration
Stock Exchange

What do you mean by online trading?

Online trading defines the buying and selling of shares or any financial instruments through the internet by sitting at anywhere anytime. It includes trade of bonds, shares, currency exchange rate (FOREX), options, derivatives, etc. There are many brokers for this online trading. Some people also invest of their own and don’t hire a broker. They directly registered to SEBI (Stock exchange board of India) through online brokers.

olymp trade registration

How to do online trading?

There are very easy process or steps to do online trading. It totally depends upon the broker you choose for your online trading. To get rid of this, there is a broker called “Olymp trading” who helps you to get registered easily. To do olymp trade registration there are few steps to be followed:-

  • Go to the official website of Olymp online trading
  • Click on Create an account
  • You get an option to the setup of account
  • Provide all the relevant details regarding your mobile number and E-mail id
  • Then your account is verified by them and also for security purpose.
  • You put a password as well.
  • Choose your trading account wisely in which you are comfortable to play with as there are 2 options for registering. One is Equity another is Commodity.
  • Then there is an option to pay with your bank Atm card or through E-wallets.
  • You can also withdraw to the same Demat account.
  • You have an option of create a live account
  • You click on that, and start trading.

Offline Trading vs online trading

  • In offline trading it takes a lot of time to buy or sell your shares while in online trading it takes place by touch on one click.
  • In offline trading you have to place order through a phone call to a broker while in online trading you can buy or sell your shares by own self.
  • In offline trading your Demat account control is in the hands of broker, while in online trading your Demat account control is in your hands.
  • In offline trading you have to follow broker instructions, while in online trading you trade with better detailed reports and better options to choose stocks.
  • In offline trading you pay to the broker if you have profit, while in online trading you don’t have to pay any charges.
  • In offline trading, there is no direct market watch through your account, but in online trading, there is direct market watch through your account which is very easy to trade.

What is Intraday trading?

It defines the one day trading or the share you buy in a particular day you have to sell them on that day only instead of keeping the stocks in your portfolio demat account.

  • This type of trading will do by big investors who have a very deep idea about the stock market.
  • There minimum portfolio amount is more than 5 lakhs.
  • They always keep up to date through news, past data of particular company in which they trade off.
  • Any policy changes or not in that company
  • Company is facing profit or not. So according to that they will invest in future.