User Manual- A Friendly Approach

User Manual plays a vital role in operating an electronic product and system-based software and hardware. manymanuals are available for a single operating system but the authentic manual prescribed by the company along with the product will be very useful. While creating the user manual the creator must be aware of all the things about the product. These manuals are created by a software designer with pictures, diagrams and screenshots. These diagrams are very short and clear to understand the working procedure of the product. Simple language is used to explain the features thoroughly to set up the product.

Contents of the User manual

It also includes a cover page. The cover page is designed with the picture of the product. The Cover page is followed by a title page and copyright page. The title page and copyright page help us to know the title and its copyrights of the products. Then a preface is given which gives us the details of the related documents. Next, a content page followed by a purpose section to have an overview of the product. The audience section helps the audience to read the manual to aware of the working procedure and its functions. It is followed by a troubleshooting section, which gives details of possible errors or problems that may occur during the process of fixing. Next, frequently asked questions (FAQ) are posted and further they provide information about the contact details. At last glossary and an index is given.

Creating a User Manual

To create a user manual first step is to explore the essential elements for documentation. Manual should be user-friendly and it focuses on the new users to have an acquaintance with the product. Already a well-known user also uses the manual to recollect the features to solve a specific problem. These two above mentioned points are the purpose of creating the user manual.



Documentation is the main process in creating an instructional manual because that is the base or content of the product which we want to explore to the world. it helps us to take the product to the next level of achievement or success. So the words or jargon used must be simple and lively to understand. then only the customers learn and use the products in a proper way to utilize the opportunities provided in the products. Documentation needs for fitting a piece of furniture as well as to play a video game. Documentation is an important part to have a friendly relationship with the company for further purchase and to know its authentication, share value, etc.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s mandatory in every business, without customer satisfaction we can’t able to run the business. If the customers are terrified with the user manual then we have to face a heavy loss and a chain relationship is broken there and it is very hard to make a chain again. Manual must show its care for the customers and they must be aware of the care than their wallet. You can add a team to guide the customers when they are not clear with the technical issues. The first step is to provide an easy guide for their reference, to reduce the customer calls. To reduce the calls the necessary steps that should be taken care of are simple language, visuals, focus on the exact problems faced by the users, hierarchy, search content, accessibility, good design, feedback, further resources and contacts.