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Understanding the best Deals in Home Renovation

The floor is the fundamental choice of the renovation because the atmosphere and style of the apartment spring from this. Here too the options abound: cement tiles, marble, parquet, porcelain stoneware, resin, etc. Yet even for the floor it is not simply a matter of taste and one could be forced to make a fallback choice if one does not resort to timely precautions. With rénovation maison this happens to be the best deal now.

rénovation maison

The floor must be laid on a substrate that can have different physical characteristics depending on the floor you have purchased. Furthermore, it seems clear to us, but often only when it is too late, that if the decorative resin is a 1-3 mm thick film, the cement tiles normally 20 mm and in the case of marble also 30 mm, while a common tile has a thickness of 7 -9 mm and if the company present on site does not receive indications in time, it will prepare the substrate for the latter option.

The kitchen

Even for the most popular room, nothing should be taken for granted. The nasty surprises come when you go to the retailer sure to come out with the kitchen of dreams and find out that we could have it, but only if we had taken some considerations into consideration beforehand. In the kitchen we have an important concentration of systems and it is not enough to have a water supply with a drain and a couple of electrical outlets to assemble the parts to our liking.

The right thing to do then is to go to the dealer with the floor plan before the plumber and electrician enter the kitchen and return home with a layout of the systems to be set up. This is even more true if you want to create an island or peninsula kitchen: in this case gas, light and water will have to pass under the floor and emerge at the exact spot where they are needed.


Lighting up a home well means not only making it more beautiful, but also increasing the feeling of well-being that you experience in living there. It means thinking about the spaces, establishing where we will place the chandeliers, where the spotlights, the sconces, the accent or atmosphere lights, etc.

For example, if you want to light up the sofa and TV area with recessed spotlights in the false ceiling, it will not be enough to leave a light spot somewhere on the roof, but you will have to set the structure of the false ceiling itself so that the beams do not prevent the positioning of the spotlights according to the scheme and desired distances.

If, on the other hand, you want to make light cuts with colored LED strips in addition to dealing with the false ceiling structure, we will need an access point to insert, and eventually replace, the transformer or any other equipment. Drawbacks of this nature could lead to the creation of a space different from the one imagined, that is less beautiful and personal. Here too, therefore, it is necessary to play in advance and make long conversations with the electrician on the construction site before finishing the walls and ceiling or creating false ceilings.