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The Safety Deals You need for the best Air Conditioning

The choice of air conditioning is there, so, poplar fluff, heat, June. As always, it is unexpected and by surprise exhausted from the heat, we decide to purchase air conditioning. However, having come to the store, a wide gamut of all kinds of various types of air conditioners opens in front of us. They all look about the same, but the price varies from $ 200 to $ 2,000 or more. With the Explosion Proof AC you need the best deal now.

The Best Deals

Today we will talk about household split systems. How not to make a mistake in choosing? Does it mean that having bought an inexpensive air conditioner, it will break on the second day? If not, then how does it differ from more expensive models? We will talk about this and much more with you in this article.

Air conditioning, tip one

The first thing we need is to determine the budget for the purchase and get a quality product without overpaying extra money for functions that you may not need. What is the difference between expensive air conditioners and expensive ones?

If you do not go into a detailed analysis of mechanics, then, at least inexpensive air conditioners, the declared characteristics of cold-heat performance are true.

Choose air conditioning Tip Two

Explosion Proof AC

The second thing you should pay attention to is the significantly lower energy consumption of premium air conditioners. This class is called “A +++”. This is a justifiable overpayment of money with their subsequent return in the form of lower electricity bills.

A similar class of energy consumption is the models: Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi heavy industries do not be surprised, these are two different lines, as well as Daikin, Fujitsu General.

Tip Three

The third factor for which expensive air conditioners are asking for money is the extremely low noise level. Today, “quiet” is considered an air conditioner with a noise level of 20-25 decibels.

Such noise is comparable to the rustling of leaves outside a window on a quiet day. However, if you do not suffer from hyper auditory sensitivity, then there are very good middle-class models on the market that are close in noise characteristics to premium models. These are models such as wall-mounted air conditioners from Cooper & Hunter, Airfell, Airwell and a couple of models from Electrolux.

Choose air conditioning Tip Four

Fourth, premium air conditioners, as a rule, are equipped with such “bells and whistles” as plasma, an air ionizer, a bunch of different filters, as well as such a device as a “smart eye”.

  • “Smart eye” is a function that monitors the airflow from the air conditioner and directs it away from the person, which undoubtedly is a useful thing and definitely adds a degree of comfort, but let’s say it is not critical. To a person who can afford to spend money on such quirks, we certainly recommend doing this.
  • To summarize, premium air conditioners have excellent indicators of good warmth performance, excellent energy-efficient characteristics, classic and inverter compressors with low noise, wonderful filters and all kinds of quirks, while they all have a modern plastic design that will not turn yellow with time.

Tip Five

Now let’s try to answer the question, is it true that cheap models break on the second day? Of course not, and again no. Today, the technology for manufacturing air conditioners has reached such a level that one hundred even the most inexpensive device can work for five or even seven years, without which there would be no problems.