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The Necessity of the Corporate Governance

A good leader is one who demonstrates trusting in the capacity of his subordinates. By working on that trust you make people more committed to the team’s goals. Wanting to keep everything under your control is one of the worst shortcomings of a leader, as with this attitude the leader ends up not paying attention to other important points of everyday life. From the corporate governance Dubai training, you can have the finest choices now.

Watch out for team friendships

To be a good team leader it is critical that you beware of friendships that form within teams. Establishing a certain degree of friendship with everyone on the team is highly recommended and brings positive results in the vast majority of cases. But care must be taken that this friendship does not interfere with the team environment and its decisions.

It is totally normal to have more affinities with some people and less with others. That is why you have to know how to dose this involvement so that no one feels less valued for not having a relationship so close to you than the colleague next door.

A good leader is one who fights for his team

corporate governance Dubai

One of the most important qualities of a good leader is to demonstrate his commitment and loyalty to his followers.

When the team realizes that their good team leader fights for everyone’s interests automatically they will be more motivated to pursue the goals set by the leadership.

Good team leader gets his hands dirty

  • The leader who only gives orders and watches his team work can hardly captivate everyone so that their performance is better and so they can achieve the desired results.
  • When subordinates see that their leader is also striving as hard as they are to achieve results, they instinctively want to work harder and better, and this involvement often yields extremely positive results.
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Team leadership used decades ago is very different from what it is to be a leader today in any field. Anyone who wants to learn to be a leader must understand that the qualities of a good leader must be constantly exercised and developed. Only in this way can the good leader stimulate the development of all his subordinates, as well as his own.

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  • In today’s globalized world and knowledge age, the clamor for organizational greatness is growing. Sustainable financial performance, extremely loyal customers, committed employees, and distinctive contribution — these are the hallmarks of truly large organizations! Therefore, it is essential that we have a well-structured organizational alignment so we can reduce the time spent on irrelevant things and conquer sustainable results.
  • In a study by Harvard Business Review, researchers found that most managers are very busy. There is a perception that unproductive occupation is a risk to its managers.

90% of leaders are typically full of distractions in their daily lives or disengaged from key organizational goals, and carry out various activities that get mixed up in the frenetic movement. In other words, only 10% spend their time in a planned and committed manner.