art jamming singapore

Students part in Art Jamming

Art Jamming considered to a faction of people getting jointly to knowledge the fun of the image together. art jamming singapore is usually done on canvases.  At Streaks ‘n’ Strokes, however, their art jamming is a little different.


> Relieves stress

> Provides a sense of accomplishment

> Anyone can do it! No prior experience necessary

> Reduces anxiety and depression

> Improves team bonding by understanding that everyone has different approaches to solving a problem

> Builds confidence by stepping outside your comfort zone and discovering hidden talents

> Fun-filled activities enable employees to know each other better, breaking barriers of miscommunication and mistrust, encourages people to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences

> Encourages creativity to think outside the box

Families & Kid.

> Fosters creative growth in kids

> Enhances problem-solving and motor skills as it involves both hemispheres of the brain

> Improves self-esteem

> Quality bonding time with your special one

> Builds patience, tolerance, and better understanding


> Opportunity for social interaction and engagement with friends

> Builds emotional resilience and reduces the risk of dementia

> Reduces boredom, loneliness, and depression

> Nurtures spirituality and connection with yourself

> Encourages playfulness, sense of humor and brings out the youth in you

This will be a fun and easy session for your team to relax, have fun, chit chat, and paint anything that they will like too. Most importantly, participants will get to paint on t-shirts or tote bags, and bring their hand-painted tees/totes home!

art jamming singapore


Participants can group into teams, and each team can choose a theme to paint. At the end of the art jam session, teams can present their paintings and 1 winning team canoe chosen through a voting system. 1 The winning team will be presented with prizes.


  • 1 tote bag or 1 t-shirt for each participant to paint on
  • Use of all brushes and hand-mixed fabric paint specially prepared at our studio
  • 1 canvas board on loan for mounting of t-shirts/totes for each participant
  • BlowDrying and Heat Press Service to ensure the durability of ink on your totes/tees
  • 1 apron on loan for each participant.


  • Introduction to Art Jamming, and briefing on steps required for art jamming
  • ArtJamming inseams
  • BlowDrying and HeatPressing to Dry
  • T-Shirts/ToteBags Photo Taking with handpainted merchandise!


Next, teams will blindly pick sabotage cards from the deck: 3 cards for the 1st ranking team; 2 for the 2nd ranking team; and 1 card each for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ranking team. Teams can use their sabotage cards anytime once the art jamming starts. Sabotage cards will include

  • Make 1 Opposing Team paint with their left hand for 10 minutes
  • Make All Opposing Teams paint with their left hand for 10 minutes
  • Make 1 Opposing team stop painting for 5 minutes
  • Make 1 Opposing Team pass their paintings clockwise and paint for 5 minutes
  • Stop 1 Opposing Team from using the color of your choice for the rest of the time
  • Make 1 Opposing Team include an apple in all of their paintings.