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Do not even try to turn on a lot of electrical devices in one outlet. If the load is too high on the electrical wires are hidden in the wall, breakdown of the insulation may occur, especially if the wiring is old and thin, which will cause a short circuit. This also applies to the questionable quality of extension cords. The diameter of the wires in them is not enough to be able to safely connect a heater, iron, or washing machine. To determine whether such an extension cord feels good, you can touch it by first unplugging it from the outlet. The essential options for the Top Quality Electronics happen to be there now.

If the wire is warm, or even worse hot, use this extension cable to connect powerful consumers in any case. Disorders are also signaled by the appearance of a specific odor during operation. Do not use electrical appliances with damaged insulation; you may get an electric shock. Do not touch electrical outlets and working electrical appliances with wet hands. In particular, this is especially true of a hairdryer for drying hair, which women often use in the bathroom.

Top Quality Electronics

Electric heaters

With the onset of cool weather, tenants often “help” public utilities to heat their homes with electric heaters. The least dangerous of them are oil, which does not have an open spiral filament. However, in the event of an oil leak, the heater may explode, especially if it is running for a long time without shutting down.


The TV should be positioned so that it is cooled normally during operation do not place it near the radiators, do not hide it in the furniture niche and do not block the ventilation openings on the rear panel with various objects (for example, napkins). This also applies to the computer monitor. Access to the outlet should be as easy as possible to quickly turn off the device in case of confusion, and near the TV should not place flammable materials – curtains, books, newspapers

If there is a fire inside the TV, you must immediately turn it off from the outlet and cover it with a thick non-synthetic fabric to stop the access of air to the fire. On top of the cloth (TV- must be turned off!) You can pour water. At the same time, it is necessary to stand on the side of the TV, and not in front or behind, since an explosion of the kinescope may occur. Preventing the ignition of televisions is their periodic cleaning of dust in the middle of the case.


The best tactic is not to leave the iron “alone” when it is turned on. Put the heated iron should be exclusively on a non-combustible stand. If the thermostat is out of order, the insulation of the power cord or its plug is damaged – this device cannot be used.


The element of special risk on the refrigerator is the operation of the relay, with the help of which the compressor is constantly turned on and off. Overheating, short-circuiting can cause fire and a variety of household garbage, which often accumulates on the rear panel and the compressor housing. Therefore, for prevention, it is necessary to disconnect the refrigerator from the network and move it away from the wall, collect dust with a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a moistened cloth.