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Separate organic waste to compost

Although the idea is to actually have a dumpster for each type of waste, if your home is small, separating organic waste from the rest will be of great help. After all, you can turn it into compost yourself. Ever thought you could make your little plants even more beautiful with a natural fertilizer made by you? Follow the expert, follow her latest blog and come up with the solutions you need.

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A lot of people think that to make the famous compost, a process that turns organic waste into compost, you have to have a big yard, but not quite. After all, even a jar of ice cream and a shallow bowl may be enough to start doing this homemade recycling.

The walkthrough can be a bit more work, but if you remain committed you will see that the process remains simple! First, drill holes in the bottom of the pot, and then put plenty of dry material, such as sawdust or cardboard, in it. Then put at least half of this amount of organic waste and finish with a third large layer of dry material. Then just put the pot in the bowl, being careful to make small “feet” so as not to let the two come into direct contact. And ready! After 15 days you can start rummaging through the soil, but remember to take everything out only when the compost is ready – that is when the contents are smelling of dirt.

  • Micragem has nothing to do with resistance. Do not be attached to these small details, it is acting in this way that you are easily fooled by the suppliers.
  • If you want to know the strength of the garbage bag, ask the seller how many pounds it can handle.

What color do I use

There are several colors of 60-liter garbage bags and each one meets a specific garbage demand. It is very important that you understand the colors because in this way you cooperate with the selective collection in order to help the people responsible for all the work of collecting the garbage from the streets.

  • Blue Bag: Usually used for dry waste.
  • Black Bag: Used for organic waste, called dirty waste, to prevent it from appearing through the bag.
  • White bag: They are generally used in hospitals and places where infectious waste is found.
  • Flex Line and Premium Line

In order to serve both those who have lightweight garbage as well as those who have heavier garbage, we work with two lines of a garbage bag.

Flex Line: Designed for garbage that does not require very high resistance from the garbage bag, such as office garbage, toilets, among others.

Premium Line: Intended for the heaviest garbage, such as garbage produced by Condominiums and Industries.

60-liter waste bag

Now that you know about Garbage Bag, let’s talk specifically about one of them. We have some questions:

  • In which trash should it be used?
  • How many pounds does it support?
  • What’s your size?

This size of Garbage Bag is typically used in outdoor dumpsters and can hold up to 20kg. Its dimension is: 60 cm X 70 cm, i.e. a height of 60 cm and a width of 70 cm.