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Reverse Calling With the Best Details

You need to contact a locksmith or a plumber but you do not know his phone number? Or to find the mobile number of a person you just met? Experts tell you how to find a landline or mobile number quickly and for free using your smartphone. With the wie belt er this is the best deal.

Find a mobile number from a person’s name

A decree dating obliges all operators to provide the list of their subscribers, in order to feed a universal directory. So if you know the name of the person you want to call, you can find his mobile or landline number through this directory. The universal directory includes the telephone numbers of all users subscribed to a telephone operator, as well as other personal information: postal address, occupation, e-mail.

The registration to the universal directory is free and automatic concerning landline numbers. On the other hand, for a mobile phone number to appear in the universal directory, the holder of the line must have agreed. As a result, mobile phone numbers are usually not listed by default in the directory. In addition, subscribers have the right to restrict the information available in the directory or to refuse to appear there.

To limit the publication of your contact information, you can subscribe to an anti-prospecting list, a reverse search list in this case, you will not appear in inverted directories, an initial list first name only initial of your first name appears or partial address list only your postal code and city appear. If you do not wish to appear in the universal directory at all, you must register on the Red List.

Where to find a landline or mobile phone number?

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The most popular directory and the most used to find the number of mobile or landline of an individual or a company. It includes all numbers of subscribers, individuals and professionals, who are not registered on the Red List.

To find a professional’s landline or mobile phone number, indicate the occupation, sector of activity or name of the person or company sought on the home page. You can add the city or department to reduce the number of results. The Yellow Pages business directory includes other interesting information, such as a link to the professional’s website, opening hours or the number of employees of the company, if this information has been declared by the professional.

To search for an individual’s phone number, simply click on the “White Pages” tab and enter the name of the person you are looking for. To refine your search, you can also fill in the city and postal code. To find a phone number more easily in the directory from your smartphone, you can download the dedicated application for free. This app has a very convenient feature, geo-location, which allows you to find the mobile or landline number of a professional located near where you are. This option is especially useful if you are out of business or if you are looking for a business near your home.

So why do they boast on their website to offer consumers a free reverse directory service? Simply because their telephone information service is free if you only use their website. However, if you call them, you may have a bad surprise by receiving your phone bill.