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Perfect Phone Options You Can Count on Now

To understand how VoIP technology works, let’s start at the very beginning. With Yealink T21P E2 IP Phone Hubtechshop Nairobi Kenya you can find the perfect choices now.

POTS (Plain old telephone system)

The term “POTS” is an English word for traditional telephones that use analog signal transmission, as do landline telephones. A POTS telephone is said to be “physical” since it operates through physical telephone lines. These physical lines connect you to the telephone network, allowing you to make calls. This organization is the basis of standard telephone systems.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

IP telephony or VoIP in English, routes calls over an Internet network rather than a telephone network. As a result, IP telephone systems are virtual rather than physical. IP phones can, therefore, work wirelessly by connecting to your router. Thereby eliminating telephone lines or physical PBXs (hosted IP PBXs are available with IP telephony)


Why are the differences between IP telephony and standard telephony so important? These differences generate several benefits for the IP phone user, including:

Price reduction: With IP telephony, you can eliminate the costs required to maintain a telephone network in addition to your Internet network.

Convergence: By placing all of your services on a single central network (the Internet). you reduce the maintenance and labor required.

Flexibility: Since the Internet is vastly more open than a telephone network, IP telephone systems offer you unrivaled flexibility.

Like many other technologies these days, telephony is gradually replacing its dedicated networks with IP networks. Thanks to the advantages offered by IP networks, VoIP technology offers you a telephone solution that will exceed all your expectations.

Do you have any questions about this? Feel free to share your comments below, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. Given the importance of telephone contacts, a company wants the best quality for its switchboard. This is why more and more of them are turning to a VoIP installation. But what exactly does a VoIP installation offer compared to “classic” standards? And how do you find the best IP telephony, provider?

What does a VoIP installation bring to your business?

By connecting your switchboard to the IP network, the VoIP installer allows your internal and external communications to no longer go through analog cables but through the Internet. Thanks to this, your business has access to many advantages.

Yealink T21P E2 IP Phone Hubtechshop Nairobi Kenya

First of all, a VoIP installation allows you to benefit from reduced rates because part of the communications is included in your ADSL package. Then, due to the multimedia capabilities of the Internet, this type of installation makes it easier to redirect a voice message to a collaborator’s email.

Finally, the VoIP installation offers you a computer or telephony coupling, which gives you more functionality. For example, you can see a contact’s file displayed when they call or even receive a reporting file containing all the call statistics.

Choose your VoIP installer

There are many VoIP installers on the Belgian market, but not all of them are suited to the needs of your business. Therefore, the choice of your VoIP installer is crucial to benefit from maximum performance. Different criteria must be taken into account.

It is advisable to compare the quality or price ratio offered by these VoIP installers. To do this, analyze the services included in their offer and favor those that include installation. The geographic proximity of these suppliers is also a more advantageous criterion in the event of a breakdown.