Scaffolding Essex

How is scaffolding important in repairing the walls?

Scaffolding could be a temporary structure created to facilitate the development, repair or maintenance of walls once the work is to be administrated at the peak of over one.5 m. it’s going to be provided on aspects|each side|either side or just one side of the wall.

The height of the system is adjusted because the work progresses. a correct care ought to be taken in the system for outer walls because the height of a Scaffolding Essex goes on increasing because the variety of storeys will increase. The platform ought to be given guardrails, just in case there’s an opportunity of an employee falling from a height of over two.

Parts of system:

Scaffolding Essex

Following square measure elements of the system.

Standards: These square measure the vertical posts.

Ledgers: These square measure horizontal members that square measure parallel to the wall.

Braces: Diagonal members mounted on standards.

Putlogs: These square measure horizontal members that square measure perpendicular to the walls. One finish of the putlog is supported by the wall and therefore the alternative by the ledger.

Transoms: If each ends of putlogs square measure supported on ledgers, then they’re known as as transoms.

Bridle: it’s a member wont to bridge a gap in a very wall, that supports one finish of the putlog at the gap.

Boarding: The planks on that staff stand.

Toeboard: These boards square measure placed parallel to the boarding close to the wall, to produce protection to the staff.

Guard rail: it’s a railing provided at the peak of zero.8 – 1.0 m from operating platform.

Base plate or sole plate: These square measure the plates on the bottom supporting the standards for distributing the load on the bottom.


Equipment and materials used for system include:

  1. Scaffold pipes.
  2. Baseplate.
  3. Horizontal boards.
  4. Walkie picture.
  5. measurement tapes.
  6. Throw plate.
  7. Couplers e.g. double coupler(to be part of 2 scaffold pipes at right angles), single coupling (to lay the transoms therefore the boards will lie flat), sleeve coupling (to be part of 2 scaffold pipes along for continuity), swivel coupling (to be part of 2 scaffold pipes at angles apart from ninety degrees).
  8. Rope.
  9. Metal bucket, sac or the other carrier eg crane/pulley systems.
  10. Cutting machine.
  11. Ladder.

To with success erect a scaffold, the scaffold pipes square measure placed totally different|in several|in numerous} ways that to perform different functions. We have:

  1. The transom that is that the horizontal member upon that the boards square measure placed.
  2. The brace that is that the diagonal member that helps to carry and stiffen alternative members within the scaffold.
  3. The ledger that is that the non-loading bearing horizontal members on all sides of the scaffold.
  4. the quality that is that the vertical member of the scaffold.
  5. The guard rail that is that the horizontal member that stop scaffolders and scaffold users from falling.
  6. The box tie joint that is employed to connect the scaffold to the building for any reinforcement wont to ‘tie’ scaffolds to structures.


There square measure sure approved codes used for a system that may function a guide for each system work. a decent example of 1 is that the Codes for scaffolding: BS5973: 1981 ‘Code of apply for Access and dealing Scaffolds and Special Structures in Steel.”