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Home Techniques Of Jewelry Care

Every woman loves to wear jewellery. Pieces of jewellery are made from numerous metal types. Nevertheless, as the types of metals are different their caring method is also different. However, some universal rules can be applied to every piece of jewellery. While these are very simple and can be easily followed, they can make a huge difference in maintaining the shine of the jewellery longer.

Care homes Doncaster

The caring of jewellery at Care homes Doncaster can be divided into two types:

  1. When you are wearing it: you buy or make jewellery to wear it. It is meant for wearing. Woman buys necklace, earring, bracelets from shop to wear it and showed them to all. While wearing the best piece makes you the most beautiful lady in the world but it puts your jewellery at risk of getting tarnished or losing its shininess.

Even though they are made to be worn, but repeated wearing can lead to break off or wear down. The more we wear it frequently the more it deteriorates.

But you can slow down the process by using these simple method and precaution while wearing it:

  • Always keep it dry: always try to keep your jewellery dry. Getting jewellery wet leads to cracks, water stains, and a lack of shine.
  • Avoid using chemicals: Always use perfumes, lotion, and hairspray before wearing your favourite jewellery. This might be obvious that these types of products have harmful chemicals, which react with the metal and in turn lose their shiny appearance. In addition, after the party is over always take it off first before applying other creams or face wash.
  • Always know when to take it off: most people use to takes their jewellery off before going t bed to have a comfortable sleep. Nevertheless, not only at night we should also take it off while going for a swim, gardening, cleaning and playing sports too. The water of the swimming pool has chlorine and salt which damage your jewellery.
  1. When it times to store jewellery: After showing the whole world your exquisite jewellery, it is time to store it carefully for the next day’s use. If you will not keep it correctly, maybe next time it will not look as beautiful as it may for the first time.

Knowing how to keep it properly, is as important as knowing how to wear it. Since most of the time, your jewellery will rest in your wardrobe for its turn to come in near future it is very important to learn how to keep it, when you are not wearing it.

To be very precise here are some tips that you can apply while storing your jewellery for next use:

  • Wipe it off with a dry cloth before storing it. Jewellery can collect dirt and moisture as you were wearing it throughout the day. If it allows settling on it for a longer time, it will fasten the process of deterioration.
  • Always store the jewellery in an airtight box. However, if you do not find a proper box put in a piece of chalk. It will absorb the moisture of the box.
  • Try to store different metals of jewellery in different boxes. It will stop them from scratched, tangled, or tarnished.