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Greater Choices for the Right House Cleaning

You’d rather go without and do something else instead. Good news: tips are not lacking to drastically reduce your cleaning time and here are some. For the شركة تنظيف عمائر بجدة this is important.

As a student, you already have enough work to do between classes, the mountains of homework you have to do, extracurricular activities, student nights and maybe even your student job. So there is not much time left to look after you and clean up your apartment. Or you are just lazy and you just want to speed up the time when you have to vacuum or clean your microwave. That’s good. We discovered some household tips that change lives.

Take advantage of moments of inactivity to do a small task

There are many moments, during pub breaks on television, while your pasta is cooking or while your video game is loading, where you do nothing, if not geekery on your phone and if you took the opportunity to do a little cleaning? You can take 2 minutes to put something away, clean your table with a sponge or tidy up your dishes. If you do this every time you have a moment of inactivity, you will not feel like wasting time and your studio or apart will always stay clean or almost.

Keep only the bare minimum

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It’s a proven fact: the fewer things you have in your apartment, the easier it will be to keep it tidy and clean. Do not hesitate to make a big selection if you have a lot of things. You can clearly get rid of textbooks or books you no longer need or give or sell clothes you no longer wear, etc. And if you do not want to part with it, you can always put some stuff at your parents’, waiting to have a bigger apartment. Not only will this free up space, but it will also drastically reduce your storage and housekeeping time.

Cut the apartment into zones

In the household, there are those who procrastinate and always put off to the next day, finding themselves having to do 2/3 hours of cleaning at once on weekends, and those who are organized and who in doing a little bit every day by cutting the household by zones. And those have understood everything. Basically, this consists of one area per day: the kitchen on Monday, the bathroom and toilet on Tuesday, the lounge on Wednesday, the room on Thursday, etc. It also works by tasks: the vacuum cleaner on Mondays, the dust on Tuesdays, etc. In short, the idea is not to do everything at once.

Make the moment of the household more fun

Let it be said, cleaning is not very pleasant. This is why we are often too lazy to do it. But there are some tips to make it more motivating and less boring. For example, you can put your favorite play-list thoroughly, dance at the same time as vacuuming, or motivate yourself with a reward at the end, such as a glass of wine or a square of chocolate. Immediately, the household will be less like a nightmare.

Use transparent film for the fridge

There is nothing more fun and longer than cleaning a refrigerator and the worst is that it re-sales very quickly. Put the transparent film on the shelves and the walls of your fridge, so that the dirt does not reach them directly. When it becomes too dirty, you just have to replace the transparent film and voila.