bodega pago de Carraovejas

Expect the best taste of the Perfect Wine

Of course, you can do an online search and choose. Or read the feedback that other consumers or sommeliers have expressed and get an idea of ​​what you are ordering. But this could be inappropriate together with certain diners and very formal premises: it would probably be better to do it at home. If we are having dinner with someone who is not really a wine lover, in fact, pulling out the phone may not be the best. This is where comes the use of bodega pago de Carraovejas .

bodega pago de Carraovejas

It is very pleasant to have a nice chat with the sommelier and be advised. Maybe we could, once ordered or consumed the wine, deepen our knowledge even after leaving the premises: do a good research and understand if what we were told is maybe even on the site of the producer or, in any case, in line with an expert review, In this way, even at the right time, even the sommelier can be subjected to our judgment. The Wine Card service that makes wine available free of charge for restaurants and professional dealers goes in this direction and is very useful to allow everyone to acquire in advance ample information on the labels and the producers of the wines they intend to taste and which are the premises that propose them in their wine list.

Taste is taste.

When we order a bottle for ourselves and for others the wish that we make, before tasting it, is that we and others like it. Mistaken, Of course this is also important, but if a wine is really of quality it will be difficult to become a failure. What matters is that you don’t know about corking, you’re not ruining and if we’re not sure, even in this case, asking is a must and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. On the other hand, among the trends, there is also that of leaving the first taste to the sommelier.

Choice of half-glass wine

Do you want to try more wines? The glass is now the norm. It is not always necessary to order a whole bottle. And if you really don’t want to drink a whole glass of each wine, ask for a taste: just half a glass. During dinner you will be able to try more pairings, leaving you perhaps guided by those in the dining room, you will start a real sensory journey as long as well look at the next mistake made by most.

Don’t be too tied to your personal taste.

You can be, but trying to try new things too. To dare at the table, is an obligation. Let yourself be carried away by the desire to experiment. There is always someone ready to support you and bring you the right bottle.

Always Keep In Mind What You Are Eating

We were saying, a sensory journey with more glasses, yes, but as long as you know how to combine wine with food. Whether you choose a single bottle or more, keeping in mind what will come in the pot is crucial. Sometimes, due to seriousness, we tend to choose a wine that has nothing to do with dishes. The regionalism is an excellent interpretation. And with Italy the options are almost endless.