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Electrical switches – a safety measure and its varieties

Electricity and its products, surviving in this world are not possible. Electric switches took part a major role in the society to have a connection between humans and Electricity with safety measures.  Electric switches help us to open or close an electrical circuit to gain the power of electricity.  Daily usage of electric switches is uncountable and careful too.  Edison who invented the electric bulb and electrical components for the light display. Electric switches are created to have a safety measure in handling the electricity. Electrical Wholesalers are performing their duties in a well to do manner. That why we can receive the quantity is ample to provide brightness to our home. The need for electricity is ample and it has become a basic component to lead a comfortable life.

Electrical switches and its varieties

Electrical switches are performed in hand, foot or by giving pressure with an object. Single pole and double pole variety of switches are used mostly in common but there is an availability of 3 to 4 pole switches also.

Foot Switches

Footswitches are powered and controlled by electrical circuit by giving pressure through the foot. For Example sewing machine performed with the help of motor by applying the pressure of our foot. Even in hospital equipment and machines used in the industries are activated by the foot pressure.

Level Switches

Level switches are devices which are used to identify the level of liquid, solid and powders. These materials are filled in a tank or tunnels and give an output by appropriately activating the machines. It is specifically used in the industries to supervise the hopper level and its tank.

Magnetic Switches

It can be called as reed switches. In magnetic switches, the actions are performed by the proximity of the magnetic fields. For example, opening and closing the door by using the magnet in part of the security system.

Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are activated by pressure, but there is a condition for using these pressure switches that only limited pressure is applicable in these switches if excessive pressure is applied it may damage the switch itself and the whole circuit.

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Pull Chain Switches

These switches are operated by hands to on and off the device. Highly used thing is the lighting of the lamps. It includes the voltage and current ratings. Single switches are used to do these activities and sometimes role pulls are also used.

Rocker Switches

Rocker switches are performed in switching circuits by raising or depressing the visual indication of a circuit’s on and off position. It is used in industries to control the manufactured goods.

Thumbwheel switches

Thumbwheel or push wheel switches use a rotatable wheel to control the electrical circuits. It includes mounting type, actuator type, coded output and panel cut out dimensions.

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are activated by a lever that is pushed through a small arc. Moving the lever in a to and fro motion does its action. They are specifically used in the switchboards.

Wall Switches

These switches are used for domestic purpose such as lighting, fan speed control, timer-based switching and so on. It is designed to fit aptly in the electrical boxes. These are standardised and used for commercial purpose. Different variety of styles are used to cover the perception of the people to have a pleasant look of their homes.