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Credit cards and the banking frauds

The credit is used for the purchase of the goods and the things we want in the unicc cc shop . Nowadays many of them are be using the credit card. It turns into trends. With the help of the cards, we can buy whatever we want. After the purchase, we can pay the amount attached to the interest of the amount. For many people, it is a burden. For others, it is easy and convenient. It is all based on the salary amount of people. A high salary person for example the annual income of more than 5 lakhs can pay the interest and the amount easily. But the annual income of the person below the 2 lakhs is difficult to repay the loan. But he planned correct and saved the money he can also repay the amount. But the loan amount varies from the person to person based on the income and the surety. These are the usage of credit cards.

unicc cc shop

There are be many frauds happen in the banking field

A debit card PIN play the important role in fraud gambling. With the help of the PIN a hacker person can easily hack the bank server and the ATM server then he easily withdraws all the cash in the account. So, we should tell the ATM PIN to the no one. So, we should maintain it secretly. A fraud gang started making duplicate plastic debit cards to withdraw the cash from the other’s account. There are be much equipment to use it for that fraud. There comes the hacker. A hacker with a computer can rule the criminal world. So, hackers are being used for good and bad purposes. If it is good this wants to be encouraged. If it is bad it wants to get be punished. Bow a day there are many hackers they started hacking the banking computers and the other government institutions. So, they are very powerful than government hacker. In the banking field, the hacker hacks the bank account with the help of the credit and the debit card number. CCV numbers and the PINs. So, we should not share our bank details to the unknown person. We should not say that all the people are being good. They’re some of the bad people also run in the world. There are be many ways to earn money. But they all chose the bad way. All the people will get arrested one day. They don’t escape all the time. So modern technology increases the modern frauds are also increases. All these technologies are very helpful and are convenient in many ways. But it has some bad things also. If we used it for the correct manner. It gets to be very helpful. These are the role which is played in banking requirements. So plays a good as well as a bad thing in order.

So, credit cards and debit cards play an important role in the banking sector nowadays. So many of them are not going to the bank nowadays. So, E-banking is played good things in the world.