dog's nose is dry and cracked

Complete Treatment Options for the dog’s dry nose

Painful joint disease that prevents movement usually encounters older dogs or those with overweight or genetic predispositions. It is treated with medicaments improving momentum or operative joint replacement. So when the dog’s nose is dry and cracked you need to be specific.

Dental stone

Yellowish to brownish tooth coatings can lead to gingivitis and tooth loss. Order a dog hard food, brush his teeth and regularly visit a veterinarian who removes tartar mechanically or by ultrasound.

Flea, distemper and other canine diseases

Dogs can bring lots of diseases from outside or catch them while playing with other dogs. Usually, the treatment is quickly managed by a veterinarian but sees the first symptoms yourself.


Like cats, dogs suffer from redness. The most common parasites are roundworms, which are transmissible to humans. Dogs can also endanger tapeworms, hookworm, and muscleman, serpentine or wandering. Even if dogs do not have any symptoms, including loss of appetite, weight loss and digestive problems, worm them 2 to 4 times a year.


Canine is the scarecrow of all dog owners. It manifests with increased temperature, anorexia and discouragement although the symptoms resolve themselves, do not underestimate them and prefer to go to the vet. Canine distemper, which may take the form of skin, lung, intestinal or nervous disease, is most commonly caught by young dogs from infected animals and can have permanent consequences in the form of brain damage, paralysis or tremor of the limbs.


Dogs most often bring a flea-filled fur coat as a souvenir from frolicking with other dogs. You can tell if a dog has fleas by:

  • Scratches,
  • He has red wounds on his skin,
  • There are tiny black dots on the coat (flea droppings),

To avoid fleas in dog fur easily accommodate, use ant parasitic and disinfect dog bed and blankets.

Inflammation of anal glands

Do you know what it means when a dog sleds? She does not enjoy winter fun but shuffles her ass on the floor mostly as a result of anal gland inflammation. This arises from disruption of natural secretion, glands swell and itch dog therefore pulls his ass on the ground, licks the root of the tailor inflamed places. Do not start treatment alone, but leave it to a doctor or a professional dog salon.

Turning of the stomach

When the dog suddenly enlarges his belly, breathes quickly, has an accelerated pulse and tries to vomit, wake up and go to the vet. Especially large breeds can experience stomach twists, which can be fatal without surgery.

When the dog meets viruses and infections

In addition to canine distemper, the dog can meet other viral and infectious diseases, which can be dangerous to humans.

Infectious hepatitis: affects the liver and is manifested by vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Rabies: a viral disease that is in most cases fatal.

Parvovirosis: a contagious disease often affects puppies and is manifested by bloody diarrhea and vomiting.

Leptospirosis: transmitted by rats and manifested by high fever, jaundice, mucosal bleeding and bloody stools.

dog's nose is dry and cracked

The dog will not tell you about the disease, but if you observe him well, you will know that he does not feel good.