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Brief introduction about the ITC industry:

We are living in an advanced world, right? Yes, we can’t live without this equipment even in one day. In this article, we have to see ICT equipment, ICT suppliers, and then Power & Electrical Shop . Can I ask you something? Could you live without mobile phones even a single day? Yes, I heard the answers. Mostly, the answers are no, right? Nowadays we are addicted to mobile phones. Yes, it will be future mankind and it is also present for mankind. Yes, who are all living in this era, we are all witnessing the development of the ICT industry. Before, you came into this article first of all; you want to know about what is ICT? What is ICT equipment? And what are the ICT suppliers?

Detail introduction about ICT and ICT equipment and ICT equipment suppliers:

Power & Electrical Shop

First of all,What is ICT? ICT is nothing but I already stated that it is a technology. Yes, it is an information and communication technology. Where we are all use of information and communication, then that industry is called as ICT industry. And second, what is the ICT equipment? In which equipment are all using in the information and communication technology field, and then they are all the ICT equipment. For example, look at the computer or laptop, we can easily define these are all one of the best ICT equipment. Nowadays we are communicating through mostly mobiles and computers or laptops, right? From traditional to modern, we are all using e-mail for a business app or safety one. Even my article also sent to my senior through e-mail only. So, these are all information and communication technology equipment. And the third one, what are the ICT equipment suppliers? For example, look at the big ICT Company and they are depending mostly on computer and belonging accessories, right? Where they can get these accessories? They can get these accessories through the suppliers. They are all called ICT equipment suppliers.

What and why are the power and electrical shops?

In nowadays, we can see the power and electrical shops in every lane and every single street. Do you believe your home is complete without these power and electrical accessories? No, it is not possible. Can you live without light and fan nowadays? No, it is not possible, right? Do you know what the reason is? This makes our comfort better. Do you think that what is the connection between the power, electrical shops, and ICT industry, right? Yes, they are interconnected. Power and electrical are also under the information and communication technology. Do you know that cameras are also one of the members of the ICT industry? Yes, even security cameras are also under this. How did you get an image from cameras to monitor? For normal, you can connect the camera and monitor through the power cables, right? For IP camera, you can connect the camera and monitor through Ethernet, network switches, and power cables, right? How can you get the powers for power cables? Then the power and electrical shops come into play. You can buy power and electrical accessories in your near shops and also you can buy through online too.