auto collision repair

Who is an auto body repairer?

An auto body repairer is someone who works on auto collision repair and repairing the parts of the car. If you love repairing damaged cars then this career might be for you. Automotive repairer works in the automotive industry. Their work is to repair and restore the damaged areas of the car. Refinish the auto collision repair. They also work on glass frames and windows. Overall, the take care of the total repair process of the damaged car.

auto collision repair

What are the works that an auto body repairer can do?

The auto body repairer not only repairs the damaged cars. They also review the damage reports and plan on how to repair the damaged car. They prepare the estimates that would cost in repairing the damaged car. They remove the damaged parts in the car such as damaged bumpers, hoods, trim, grilles, etc. They also do the work of repairing the structural damage of the car. Work on dent processes. They hammer out the dents that the car has and also take care of other minor body damage of the vehicle. Auto body repairs also tajes care of the installation of the windows and frame. They also work on the replacement of damaged parts of the car and help in installing windshields.

An auto body repairer can work on accidental vehicles and collision vehicles and make the automobile look as new as a new one really. They do all kinds of replacements from minor replacement to a major one. This might range from replacing a windshield that is cracked to replacing the broken door.

Tools they use

Auto repairers use a wide range of tools for specific problems. They have different tools for different damages. They use a wide range of tools like pneumatic tools, metal and plasma cutters, and metal cutting guns. These are tools used for lighter and minor damages. For much heavier damages, the tools that they use are hammers and hydraulic jacks. They also use hammers and screen drivers for some common work they do.

In a smaller shop, the automobile repairer takes over the complete job and does it from start to finish. In some large shops, they have specialized repair technicians to take over one single job. So that if one job is completed it is then transferred to the other repair technician who will take over the next job in line.

Sometimes, even the automotive paint job is taken over by the repair technicians. But mostly this job is for the automotive painters who are especially specialized in painting the automobile. These automotive repairers also repair dents and collision vehicles.

These repairers mostly work on cars. While they also work on some big trucks and even some small vehicles. But their major focus point in repairing will be cars.

Where do they work?

Auto body repair technicians work in some small local shops to big companies that work on automobile repairing. They can also start their own business in automobile repairing. Their work can be physically demanding and straining.