virtual escape room game

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a place where all the players are locked in a fantasy room and are to complete a mission. That mission is to escape out of the room in a legal way. They need to solve all puzzles, quizzes, and riddles and eventually crack the code to get out of the room.

virtual escape room game were first originated in Kyoto, Japan in the year 2007 by a company called scrap. This company locked participants in a pre-decided space to solve the puzzles and get out of the room. From Japan. This game spread all over the world and more than 60 countries are playing this game.

What is a virtual escape room –

virtual escape room game

It has now become a trend to bring everything to the virtual world and make it comparable to the physical world. Many games, simulations, characters, and everything is introduced to the virtual world. Similarly, escape was also given the honour to be part of the wide virtual world. All things of the escape room are set in an app or a platform where people individually or in a group can find the hints and solutions in a time-bound manner. This trend increased with the pandemic where people were stuck in their homes. During this time, everything on online platforms elaborated.  Virtual escape room game becomes a trend and piece of enjoyment who were left with boring and unadventurous life at home. There are different kinds of virtual escape rooms design to get a real feel of a location.

Escape games are divided into four main categories

  • Point and click type– This type of virtual escape game was popular even before the pandemic. This type is especially for the leisure of an individual player. In this, a person gets all the clues by clicking on things in the right position. It can be simply downloaded on the mobile and played. Many of its versions are available on the google play store.
  • Audio narrated escape rooms– In this room, people participate in teams. All the team members and a narrator are connected on a meeting platform where the narrator narrates all the clues and participants are engaged in real-time problem solving through the narrated and available hints.
  • Live video escape rooms– In these types of escape rooms, participants are set in a physical environment where they need to find the clues physically and all the actions of the participants are recorded through the camera. All participants can see each other as they are live on a video conferencing or meeting platform
  • Online mystery games – In this type o escape room all the process is the same but the participants’ end mission is not to escape a room but to complete a provided mission. In such games, clues are provided in form of documents or files where participants themselves need to decode the files, get the clues, solve the puzzles and end the mission.

As per the social distance guidelines, many companies which offered offline escape rooms have shifted to virtual escape rooms leading to the convenience of the players. So if you are feeling bored at home and want an adventure, join a virtual escape room.