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Web Design and More that You Can Think of

We often find sites that are virtually impossible to contact. Sometimes even contact forms don’t work. Make sure it’s easy for someone coming to your site to contact you. You can have your primary contacts, such as an email and a phone contact, always visible at the top of your pages. And in a link “Contacts” have more complete information and have a contact form. Making it as easy as possible for someone to contact you is the difference between making a sale and losing a sale. For designing a website the followings are the matters that you need to keep in mind now.

Try this tip to see if it’s worth having all your links in your navigation menu.

  • Download the Google Analytics extension for Chrome.
  • Go to your homepage and enable the extension.
  • View the statistics for your navigation bar.

Which links in your navigation bar don’t get clicks? Is it worth keeping them?

All pages of your site must have a clear purpose.

Getting back to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčsimplicity, each page of your site should have one goal in mind, not several. If a page is selling an item, you won’t want to have other areas of focus, such as promoting your social channels or showing your most recent posts, etc. Keep it simple. Keep it focused.

Create a Fan List

designing a website

Email is possibly the oldest online marketing channel. However, the power of an email list is appreciated by everyone from CEOs to musicians to marketers to business owners. Think of an email list as the most stable form of communication you can have with your audience. Your email list will always be yours. An email list is much more predictable. With the innovative email marketing tools on the market, you can easily target your subscribers and customers and send them emails that are most relevant to them. Here are three tips you can follow to start building an email list:

Sign up for an email marketing service

The website design company has a free plan with many features, we recommend starting here. There are also other options like E-goi AWeber, Drip, ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit that also deserve to be explored.

Create a subscription form

Email marketing services typically have this option.

Offer something

Offer something to encourage people to subscribe to your list. Create an incentive that is of interest to your audience, such as an eBook or guide, checklists, videos, info-graphics, etc.

Summing up

Remember: Simplicity is often the best option. Keep simple goals in mind when designing your website pages. And don’t forget to ask for feedback. There are many details that sometimes pass us by or that you think are very important that can drive away your visitors.

For an agency or a professional web designer, this is undoubtedly a difficult question to answer. It’s basically like asking how much a car costs, how much a boat costs or how much a vacation cost does.

The answer is simple: it depends.

If you decide to buy a Mercedes, not the high-end ones, but a good enough one, instead of buying a Renault Clio, the cost of each car will be different as the same. The same goes for websites, portals or online stores. It all depends on what you want the user to be able to do through the features and the message to pass.