Tile installation
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The trouble with tile

Tile installation is that the toughest business within the building trades as a result of folks ought to procure things that area unit unseen and not simply pay, however, pay tons.

Often, we’ve got to reject jobs as a result of we tend to can’t insensible conscience do things that we all know area unit wrong.

People have AN assumption that “looks” area unit the sole factor that matters which couldn’t be clear of the reality, once it involves tile.

Tile could be a common end as a result of its permanent, however, to induce that permanency what’s beneath the tile needs to be treated with the utmost priority.

What makes this business even more durable is that the pressure for SPEED. Everything needs to be done quickly, fast, fast.

Tile installation

The saying “Good things return to those that wait” is most relevant with tile. Increase speed, lose quality.

Lose quality, tear out your tile once in five years

I study sales and selling to do to induce through to folks, however, it invariably appears I’m fighting AN uphill battle. I find yourself feeling sort of a tackiness bag, merely for attempting to win over those who we tend to area unit the most effective choice to facilitate them with their project.

News flash: he’s doing it by cutting corners on the UNSEEN.

Tile is funny. dangerous work might not fail right away. it should take three, 5, or ten years. take into account yourself lucky. you’ll not even apprehend that your tile has to fail. Cracked grout? Fail. Pan holding water? Fail. Shower not draining? FAIL.

By Tuesday, the second week in June 2020…I’ve received 5 calls of failing tile jobs. folks attempting to induce out “easy” with a “repair”. There is no “repair” that’s price what it prices. Start over. That’s your repair.

This is my cry into the void. I need to assist. Not only for Maine, except for the folks that known as Maine on with failing work. they’re screwed!

Tile is supposed for a wet space

No one likes to examine wet paint and drywall. once you’re taking a shower, water gets all over. If the tile doesn’t attend to the ceiling, the section of the shower with paint and drywall can get wet. Paint and drywall aren’t waterproof, so, over time you’ll have issues with mold and decay. The paint and drywall won’t perform well during a wet space, like your shower. it should take a protracted time, however, it’s an attainable drawback.

Some folks solve this drawback with better quality paint, however, let’s bear in mind this is often a shower. Tile ought to be the norm within the completeness of the house.

Save yourself the pinnacle ache and tile it

Why not pay the additional cash and have him end it off! In builder-grade homes, I see it all the time. Tile stopping well below the ceiling. The tile guy is there, why wouldn’t you have got him to tile all the thanks to the ceiling?! Well, we all know the solution. It’s that the builder will save $20 on the worth of the house. Over the course of the many homes that adds up, however, once you’re having your rest room transformed, pay the additional cash and time, whereas you’ll, own the tile dropped at the ceiling.

I recommend waterproofing to the ceiling, as well. whether or not that’s a water-proof backing board, a waterproof membrane, or a liquid waterproofing. Have your installer continue the waterproofing all the thanks to the ceiling. make certain you request it, as a result of most can solely waterproof 6’ (or less) up the wall.