The invention of trends and fashions for men and women

Today people are treating the things which belong to their parts of integral of culture and society in many countries. The fashion comes under the most important thing with their brands and core brands for any country. Among many countries in this world, France stood in the place of first in the category of fashion with their designers who are renowned. The domination of the fashion by the people of French is continuing since the fifteenth century. The industry of the fashion by the people of French especially cultivated the reputation in innovation and followed by style. With the cosmopolite observed in the people remained as the important export of culture for years. In the aspect of the fashion, there are so many brands are available and some are world famous.

The century of the sixteenth the clothing fashion in the country observed with the colors of contrast in the fabrics along with the trims, clashes, and the remaining accessories by the people.

Fabrics used by the people in olden days:


The dress and the costumes used by the people have silhouette for a dress with its shape of overall; whatever the dress looks like wide, conical for the women. For men, these garments are in the shape of a square in the century of around fifteenth and sixteenth. After the conical and square trends followed by the people the next trend followed by V-shape and narrow, tail waist observed. In the case of the women the point of the shoulder and sleeves and for women skirts with widened. For men, ruffles are attached with the band for the neck with folds having a good shape. The ruffle or the frill is a kind of the fabric strip followed by the laced ribbon gathered for pleating on their edge for the garment. If needed by the people trimming for their textile can be done by the designers. The cloths which can be worn outside by the women is characterized by the gown and fitted with the petticoat. There will be some rejection about the garments with the sleeves of trumpet with sleeve and but these are re-designed with the widened and narrow with hip and shoulders.

The costumes of men and women:

The fashionable costumes observed by the people around the century of the seventeenth and are replaced with the low waist, line leans for women and men. The body which is low, the lace used should be laced and can be observed with pleats. For women, there will be petticoat which can be wear under the garments and can be covered. The preferred dress can be accompanied by the shoes of leather in many colors. There will be dresses designed for winter especially costumes of women can be trimmed with wool. Sometimes these dresses will be provided with decorations of the petticoat. Available in various models with sleeves full and half sleeves there will be neckline and the shoulder adjustments. Now, the clothing of the men got changed within a century of the seventeenth and the designed coats are called as the pannier. The dress will have several folds and are paper distended and a ribbon in the color of black.