garage doors bath

The day spent with the mechanic man for preparing my car

At the starting of the month, I have purchased the car in the invective amount. I have bought a brand-new Suzuki shift car for the price of 9 lakhs. I have delivered the car in the evening time, and I parked into the garage doors bath attached to the house. I already knew that the garage we not at all in the clean stage, so for the not having time for the cleaning the garage, I have parked the car for only one night due to urgency, so after the night passed

garage doors bath

The very next day

The day begins I open the garage door for the cleaning purposes, and I planned to start a car to clean the place while trying to start the vehicle, the car doesn’t get a response and the self-start of the vehicle doesn’t work, so I neutral the gear and moves the car by human resources so trying for the many attempts the vehicle does not wake up I was distraught of this situation, and I don’t understand that what is happening today and with the help of the mini toe van I toe the car and get to my mechanic man he was a very close to me

At the mechanic shed

I parked the car and go to some little work nearer, and the mechanic man try to stars it doesn’t start, and he revokes the bonnet of the car and see the engine and the battery whether it gets repaired, and he finally comes to know that the storm that connects the self-starter wire gets cut, and the shape of the cut have been by it cut by the rat the reason is that the not cleaning the car garage, so he calls theme and tell the reason I was shocked, and I mean that change the spares that have been damaged

Not getting the spares

And the finally the mechanic search for the new start point but the tube wire is out of stock in the shop and he searches the spare to the nearest shops and the shops that owned by their friends so all the one said they have no stock in their shops so the I contact the showroom and asked for the spares and they said they have only one piece of that wired and I conform the order by the phone by the way of online transactions I paid the full amount of the product and I took the mechanic bike and go to showroom and take delivery the parts and I started the cycle to go back to the shop and the mechanic replace the now tube wire and my car is getting ready to roar and I start the vehicle with the one click he gets ready to fly and I settled the amount to the mechanic I took the car to the home after reaching the house I started to clean the garage and whole cleaning I spotted the 2 rats where chasing themselves and playing in my car garage and I clear all that and clean the garage this small thing took the whole day after removing all that one and I parked my car into the garage.