fiat 500x

The cars You Would Die to Have Now

Do you have at least 2 children? Between school-nanny trips, Wednesday activities and school holidays, it is better to choose your car and buy a spacious and secure vehicle. So station wagon, minivan or leisure vehicle? Here is something to help you choose your family car. The fiat 500x is the best deal there.

The station wagon is actually a sedan with a larger cargo volume at the rear

Popular with families and professionals alike, this good truck (60 to 850 horsepower) offers 5 to 7 seats and an XXL trunk. The station wagon also seduces with its design and its competitive price, from € 9,000.

The minivan is the ultimate family car

fiat 500x

The best-known models are the Renault Scénic, the Citroën C4 Picasso and the Volkswagen Touran. Thanks to its giant trunk, the people carrier is a perfect partner for holidays, leisure or moving. Modular, this spacious automobile can accommodate 5 to 7 seats, for a budget ranging from € 9,900 to € 55,000 excluding insurance.

The toy car is a glass utility converted into a family car, for example, the Renault Kangoo or the Citroën Berlingo. Practical for large siblings, families with dogs, fans of board sports (surfing, kite) or musicians going on tour with their instruments.

All-terrain car: crossover, SUV or 4×4?

Reassuring with their elevated driving position, crossovers, SUVs and 4x4s take you safely up and down. How to differentiate them? Discover our tips for buying this type of all-terrain vehicle.

The crossover is a compact and versatile vehicle model perfect for the city. Count between € 12,000 and € 150,000 for a new car, excluding car insurance. Good to know: most crossovers are based on existing city car models (ex: the Clio for the Renault Captur), which makes their maintenance quite easy.

The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is a recreational vehicle that offers real driving comfort and generous interior space, ideal for large families. Its dynamic design appeals to frequent travelers and city dwellers alike. On the budget side, again there is something for all budgets: from € 12,000 for a Dacia Duster to € 55,000 for a BMW X4 (excluding insurance).

Sedan car or large road car?

Safe and spacious (from 4 to 6.10 m), the sedan provides remarkable comfort during long journeys. It is aimed at women/businessmen as well as families with 1 or 2 children. In terms of the purchase price, the range is (very) wide: from € 7,800 for a new Dacia Logan to € 450,000 for a Rolls Royce Phantom. The latter is also closer to the large luxury road. Segment particularly represented by the German manufacturers (Audi A6, Mercedes Class S, BMW Serie 7) and English (Jaguar XJ, Bentley, Rolls Royce).

Sports car: coupes and convertible

Let’s move on to a completely different type of recreational vehicle, reserved for lovers of road and circuit driving. If you are considering buying a sports car, you will again have a choice between:

  • the sports coupe: with its dynamic lines, the sports coupe is the typical pleasure car. Generally equipped with a powerful GTI type engine, the coupe is distinguished by its sporty look worthy of a racing car (small trunk, little room in the back, bucket seats).
  • the convertible (or roadster): this is a convertible car with a rigid or flexible roof, perfect for strolling in the wind. Accreditation is not its only strong point. The convertible offers road performance much appreciated by automobile fans.