Blocked Drains Kent

Report a hindered channel and expressway

We manage reports about hindered public channels on the off chance that they run close by Medway’s streets. Duty regarding channels and sewers is divided among landowners, Southern Water, Highways England, and Medway Council in Blocked Drains Kent  Landowners (channels on your property) You’re liable for the maintenance and support of the channels within the limit of your property, up to the point they interface with the public sewer. We’re not liable for fixing channels on your property, but rather we perform have a legal responsibility to make sure that you keep them understood and in decent shape. If you don’t fix channels on your property, we can give a notification requesting that you make the fixes inside a set timescale. We may charge an organization cost for this. If you don’t agree to the notification, we’ll make the fixes and receipt you for the expense of any works we’ve done. Properties associated with a cesspit or doubter tank have a full obligation regarding the discharging, support, and upkeep of the framework. So blockages don’t happen, take care with what things are poured or flushed down a channel.

Southern Water (public channels and sewers) 

Blocked Drains Kent

The nearby Water Authority, Southern Water, is answerable for channels situated external the limit of a property and sewers. They keep up the organization of foul and surface water public sewers, which gather water and waste from the channels of properties. This incorporates properties associated with private siphoning stations. Public sewers are for the most part in streets or public open spaces, however, some may go through private nurseries.

Roadways England 

Roadways England are liable for channels on trunk streets and motorways. Medway Council We’re liable for keeping the channels and chasms close by Medway’s streets perfect and liberated from impediment, to forestall flooding. These channels or chasms take stormwater from the street into the sewer framework.

Impeded Drains 

Is it accurate to say that you are having issues with moderate seepage, dreadful scents, high rising or murmuring latrine, sink and shower? Utilizing the most recent innovation and methods, from high compel flying to fast deplete cleaning machines we can resolve your issues quickly. We can manage all parts of your seepage rapidly and proficiently, interior, outside both private and business.

Root Cutting 

A typical reason for an impeded channel is root entrance. The roots obtain entrance through breaks, broken pipework, and line joints. The roots are attracted to channels as they give a steady wellspring of water and dampness required for endurance. We have the experience and mastery to manage this issue with powerful and durable outcomes. We utilize our high weight water flying machine with a specific spout to eliminate the roots. If high weight water flying isn’t appropriate, at that point we will utilize one of our more modest mechanical channel machines. It would be ideal if you see our channel clearing machine page for additional subtleties. A channel fix or covering can likewise be done after root slice to keep the roots from returning and causing future issues.


On the off chance that you are having issues with moderate depleting latrines/sinks. Over the long haul, the development of scale in waste lines can make them obstruct. Here at MT Drains, we have the specific information and the most recent hardware to do your channel cleaning and descaling prerequisites. Descaling is a cycle of eliminating scale, fat, oil, and garbage from inward linework. This can be accomplished by utilizing high weight water streaming or our rapid mechanical machines.