stag party events

Lagoona Aqua Park for Stag Party Events

Well, it is a water park located at Pingewood Road South, Berkshire that welcomes all age group people and children aged 6 and above to take part in its wonderful activities. However, there is a restriction for short height and those entering inside should possess the minimum height of 1.2m and over. Anyone can take part in stag party events that are organized in this Aqua Park prior to bookings. Lagoona Park holds several activities to deep dive into action such as diving, jet skiing, and dirt buggy hire right into a building that is packed with stag celebration for the entire party atmosphere. This lake is packed with different events for kids, hens stag and team building to enjoy the events at an affordable price with buoyancy aid that includes soft helmets and dive suits for children under 16. So, what for you are waiting to call them to inquire about the events and book online to enjoy a bachelor party at Lagoona Aquapark that holds numerous activities for all age groups?

stag party events


Characteristic Features of Lagoona Aquapark Stag Events


  1. Lagoona Aquapark is perfect to enjoy a hen party, stag party that is packed with excellent activities from inflatable slides, obstacle courses which include Jet Ski zones and a dirt buggy course that is incomparable with any other event organizer for that adrenaline-fueled thrill ride.


  1. All the events arranged in this Aquapark demand some action when in the water when present with family or friends. Enjoy the events of a stag party that is designed for men who are getting married before they fall in a relationship.


  1. Not only water sports but it also helps the visitors with a fancy dress to make them sure that they are at right place and enjoying every bit of the moment straight from the heart that is dedicated event space.


  1. This lake not only offers water sports and outlandish costumes, but they also serve alcohol or beverages to unwind oneself after taking part in water rides or sports to just chill at the end of the day.


  1. Whoever is willing to take part or planning for a stag party can approach their stag dos who are well experienced in arranging such events that are full of fun suits for group bookings to build exclusively for meeting the need of all the singles, family members and children aged above 6.


  1. Do call them on their customer number to book your dates and send the guy to splash in the water of this Lagoona Aquapark before the plunge.


  1. It is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Fridays from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. It is requested to note that all the members of the group must arrive at this place 45 minutes prior to their session. The last session is scheduled at 5: 00 pm.




Book your visit to this amazing lake that is packed with wonderful stag events and a perfect place to party before one’s marriage. Take part in its water activities that are full of fun and excitement and if any doubts give a phone call on their customer care number or just fill up the form to know what the event all about is. Enjoy your day with activities and drinks served by the event organizers.